Elon Musk

Let Elon Musk Show the Way for America, Not the Rioters

Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times

The rioters—whether they are antifa-types who wish to “smash the state” or just greedy looters— who are running rampant in our cities do nothing of value for anyone, least of all black people. They depress us, and they depress the decent people of their own communities, and they have, alas, succeeded to a great extent. America needed a feel-good story right now and Elon Musk gave it to them. On the surface, this does nothing for the race situation, but on a deeper level it does. Everybody dreams—all races and creeds—and Musk has given us a chance to dream together, if we decide to take it. Skin color does not apply.

Conservatives Kill Tesla’s Federal Subsidy, But Democrat States Continue Elon’s Gravy Train

President Trump heroically told Pelosi that he wouldn't sign the tax extender bill if it included the Tesla subsidy. And the Speaker folded. However, it appears Democrats at the state level will continue Elon Musk’s taxpayer gravy train, because California, Nevada and New York are still subsidizing Tesla to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Communist Manifesto

The old Stalinist Communist Party that Whittaker Chambers rebelled against is long gone, but the Marxist socialist vision of a society where man’s mind displaces God as the creative intelligence of the world is, as Mark Zuckerberg told us, alive and well.

The End Of Obama’s Corrupt Global Warming Treaty

Obama and his liberal allies from Hollywood to Silicon Valley to Wall Street claimed that the goal of the Paris climate treaty was to reduce so-called greenhouse gasses. However, its effect was to produce a massive wealth transfer from American workers to foreigners and wealthy investors.

Crony Capitalism Pays Big For Democratic Donor Elon Musk

Billionaire tech mogul and pop technologist Elon Musk says none of the taxpayer incentives his businesses receive are necessary, "but they are all helpful." Helpful might be an understatement, with its lobbying expenses and Musk’s campaign contributions, SpaceX will enjoy more than a 3,000 percent return on its investment in Texas’ political process if it decides to build its new launch facilities in Brownsville – not bad in an environment where beating a 6% rate of return is considered very difficult for the average small business.