Fire Kevin McCarthy

FLASH: Kevin McCarthy Withdraws From Speaker Race - Establishment GOP On The Run

In an extraordinary turn of events establishment Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy -- Speaker John Boehner's handpicked candidate to succeed him as Speaker -- has withdrawn from the race.

Kevin McCarthy: Too Dumb and Incoherent to be Speaker

By making a demonstrably false statement that disrespected the deaths of the four Americans killed in the Benghazi attack Kevin McCarthy has let Hillary Clinton off the hook for her much anticipated testimony before the Benghazi committee, given her associates Abedin and Mills a get out of jail free card and given Mrs. Clinton’s faltering presidential campaign a fundraising tool that is probably worth a couple of million dollars in direct mail pleas to help Hillary fight Republican political persecution. Kevin McCarthy's cringeworthy performance the past few days shows he is too dumb and incoherent to be the chief spokesman for House Republicans going into the crucial 2016 presidential election.

Conservatives organize to ‘fire McCarthy’

Kelly Cohen, Washington Examiner

A group of prominent right-leaning organizations formed a coalition Wednesday dubbed "Fire Kevin McCarthy," pledging to remove the California Republican should he be chosen to replace John Boehner when he retires at the end of next month.