GOP and libertarians

Who’s the Libertarian Now?

Justin Raimondo, The American Conservative

With a Clintonian corporatist on the left and a populist nationalist on the right, the Libertarians clearly had an unusual opportunity. Instead, they nominated Gary Johnson again, a former Republican governor of New Mexico and erstwhile marijuana entrepreneur. Johnson’s ideological compass is erratic, at best.

Reuters Poll: Almost 20 Percent Of Americans Consider Themselves Libertarian

Taylor Tyler,

A new Reuters poll found that 19 percent of Americans consider themselves to be libertarian. "One in five Americans consider themselves libertarian, with younger adults being the most likely to adopt the label," according to Reuters. "Among adults aged 18 to 29, 32 percent consider themselves libertarian. Just 12 percent of Americans age 60 or older consider themselves libertarian." But despite increasingly anti-big government sentiments, many respondents say they want to keep around federal safety net programs.

Can the Libertarian Repub. & the Non-Libertarian Repub. Be Friends?

Scott Shackford,

While these groups are similarly conservative on economic matters (libertarians are further to the right than white evangelicals or Tea Partiers on some economic issues, such as raising the minimum wage), they are extremely divided by their views on religion.

Can Libertarian Populism Save GOP?

Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner

Repubs can reach out to minorities in their roles as parents, taxpayers and small businessmen instead of mere pandering and giving in to amnesty.

Graham's Libertarian Challengers

W. James Antle III, American Conservative

Can the Robin to John McCain's Batman fend off two Ron Paul-inspired opponents?

Rand Paul Hits Christie Back

Alexandra Jaffe and Daniel Strauss, The Hill

"Christie worries about the dangers of freedom. I worry about the danger of losing that freedom. Spying w/out warrants is unconstitutional."

Labrador Aims to Rebrand GOP

Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner

Rep. Labrador says the GOP can attract more voters by focusing on libertarian values like civil liberties.