Gov. Mike Pence

GOP VP Candidate Mike Pence Coming To Northern Virginia's Liberty Farm Festival

Conservative Property Rights heroine Martha Boneta will host the 2016 Liberty Farm Festival on September 10th from 12-6 PM, in Paris, VA at her beautiful and historic Ashby Gap farm on Route 17 near the intersection of Route 50, featuring speakers Mike Pence, Tim Phillips, Kimberly Strassel, Ken Cuccinelli and many othersTickets may be purchased for $20 per person in advance or $25 at the event.  Children 9 and under attend free.

‘Let Mike be Mike’: Inside the sometimes awkward Trump-Pence partnership

Jose A. DelReal and Sean Sullivan, The Washington Post

In the opening weeks of their partnership, Trump has granted his running mate broad leeway with no precedent in recent presidential campaigns, amplifying differences in style and substance between the Indiana governor and New York real estate mogul. For a campaign whose mantra long has been “Let Trump be Trump,” the guiding principle that has formed around Pence is, as one of the aides put it, “Let Mike be Mike.”

The Foreign Policy Of The First Tea Party Prez

Angelo Codevilla, The Federalist

The first Tea Party president, transcending today’s sterile confrontations between “interventionism” & “isolationism,” between “moralism” & “realism,” would practice a foreign policy as defined by GWashington: to “choose peace or war, as our interest, guided by justice, shall counsel.”