Greg Brannon

Tea Party Winning

By Richard A. Viguerie, Author, Conservative Activist & CHQ Chairman

In TAKEOVER I outline a plan of how conservatives can take over the Republican Party and govern America according to conservative principles by 2017. The results in North Carolina show that our issues are driving the agenda, now we must cinch up our belts, organize, call meetings and use the plan I outline in TAKEOVER to win the vote.

Rand Paul Admits 'War' W/ GOP Estab. in NC Primary

Drew MacKenzie, Newsmax

Sen. Rand Paul went on the attack in the "war" against the GOP estab. as he campaigned in N. Carolina for tea party favorite Greg Brannon. Paul compared moderate Repubs. to a mythical sea monster while stating that Brannon is the "dragon slayer" who can strike a blow for conservatives.

North Carolina GOP Primary Tomorrow: Vote Brannon and Roche

We urge North Carolinians to vote for Dr. Greg Brannon because we see in him the same mix of brains, conservative principles, and willingness to fight the special interests that we see in Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee. In NC Congressional District 2, Frank Roche is whip smart and a principled conservative. He understands the tie between the declining quality of life and wages of America’s working families and the wave of illegal and legal immigration swamping this country and is prepared to fight for what makes America exceptional.

CHQ Endorses Greg Brannon For Senate In North Carolina

If North Carolina Republicans want to take back the Senate and govern America according to conservative principles we urge them to vote for Dr. Greg Brannon in next Tuesday’s Republican Senate Primary.

Tea Party Candidate Blasts GOP-E's Lack of Conservative Values

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

NC House Speaker Thom Tillis (R) and Tea Party favorite Greg Brannon (R) tussled throughout their first primary debate Tues., sparring over gun control, ObamaCare and other issues. Brannon repeatedly attacked Tillis's conservative credentials, arguing he wasn't right enough on a raft of issues.

FreedomWorks backs Greg Brannon

Katie Glueck, Politico

Dr. Greg Brannon has secured several big endorsements, including one from Tea Party-affiliated FreedomWorks, in a crowded GOP primary in the N.C. race against liberal Dem. Sen. Kay Hagan.

ObamaCare: Community Organizing the Train Wreck

While the national Republican establishment apparently assumes that the ObamaCare train wreck will simply hand votes to establishment Republican candidates, on the ground things are different. Conservatives have figured out that “it’s the primaries stupid” and there’s a real fight going on to make sure principled limited government constitutional conservatives come out on top.