Harry Reid

Establishment GOP Cruz-ing for a Bruising

Senator Ted Cruz’s mini-filibuster in the Senate delayed the inevitable establishment Republican cave-in on defunding Obamacare by a day, but the real value of Cruz’s effort was to show the intellectual and political bankruptcy of Capitol Hill’s establishment Republican “leadership.”

Real Defund OCare Vote Coming

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

The Senate voted to advance a stopgap measure that defundings Obamacare. Cruz voted in favor of it. He said that the real vote on blocking the measure would come after Reid moves to strip language funding OCare from the bill. CALL YOUR SENATORS.

Cruz, The Energizer Bunny

ED Morrissey, Hot Air

Cruz's incredible 18+-hour performance has objectively raised the profile of the ObamaCare opposition, and whether that would have worked better for a delay than defunding is really moot at this point.

Ted Cruz Sets Up A Necessary Constitutional Confrontation

Republicans must stand firm against any CR with Obamacare funding in it. If they don’t, then what is established is the principle that the federal government is entitled to whatever money is necessary to keep programs Congress created in the past going, whether the people want them or not, and a perpetual government entitlement to funding would signal the end of constitutional government in America.

Cruz: Reid Abusing His Power

Tim Mak, Washington Examiner

Cruz accused Harry Reid of "abusing his power" and using "brute political power to force" the funding of Obamacare with a simple majority vote, a move that allows Dems to change the bill without Repub. support.

AZ GOP Formally Rebukes McCain

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

AZ's Legislative District 26 Repub Party has passed a formal rebuke of John McCain for abdicating GOP principles in helping Harry Reid secure votes to approve several of Obama’s controversial nominees.

Syria Strike on Hold?

Jennifer Epstein, Politico

Obama said that he would put strikes against Syria on hold if Assad’s regime were to turn over its chemical weapons. Harry Reid announced that he'd delay the vote on military action.

Rubio’s Staff Tells Us He’s No Movement Conservative

If you sift through Senator’s Rubio’s staff and consultants you’d be hard pressed to find many who have strong roots in the Tea Party or conservative movement. Who you walk with tells me a lot about who you are, and who Marco Rubio walks with every day in his Capitol Hill office explains a lot about who he has become since reaching Washington DC.

Boehner-Reid Amnesty Deal?

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Conservatives fear Boehner may rubber-stamp Dems' amnesty bill in a backroom deal w/ Reid.

Rigged Deal For Ousted NLRB Noms

Labor Union Report, Red State

The Sen. deal cut by R’s and D’s to avoid the “nuclear option” keeps improving for union bosses. It was rigged.

Nuclear Option Evaded? NLRB Noms Out

Burgess Everett, John Bresnahan and Manu Raju, Politico

Senators have tentatively agreed to retain the filibuster if two NLRB nominees are replaced and voted upon.

Reid Going Nuclear to Aid Obama?

Katherine Rosario, Heritage Action

When Harry Reid gets frustrated, he threatens to change the Senate’s rules to get his (and Obama's) way.

Panicky Reid Pushes Border Vote

Ramsey Cox, The Hill

Reid wants a Monday vote on the bad border compromise before voters grasp that it’s lame.

Senators Rand Paul And Ted Cruz May Save GOP From Itself

Senators Cruz and Paul aren’t going to let Capitol Hill’s Republican establishment continue to pretend that they have no responsibility for the results of the legislation they pass. The conservative Senators are going to get their establishment Republican colleagues on record on the issues that matter to Republican primary voters and the bracing thought of primary challenges from limited-government constitutional conservatives just might be what is necessary for the GOP establishment to save itself from itself.

Nuclear Option Unites Republicans

Burgess Everett, Politico

Senate R’s don’t agree often, but they’re coming together to save the filibuster from Harry Reid.