House GOP

Changes the GOP Should Love

William Murchison, The American Spectator

We really shouldn’t go on this way, asking all the time what POTUS is going to do; asking what POTUS isn’t going to do. Democracies are infinitely larger than lone individuals, howsoever much invested with power. Let’s get on with something else. The scenery-chewing Trump can’t be kept away from political center stage, but out in the audience are Americans looking less for entertainment than for the order-in-liberty and liberty-in-order nobody seems able to find these days. That has to change — as does everything in due course, come to think of it.

House GOP delivers blow to Trump-Russia collusion story. Will others follow?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Committee investigators looked at the events often cited as evidence of collusion. They looked at the June 9, 2016 meeting in Trump Tower in which Donald Trump Jr. and other top campaign officials talked to a group of Russians who promised, but did not deliver, damaging information on Hillary Clinton. They looked at the activities of peripheral Trump advisers George Papadopoulos and Carter Page. They looked at the allegations in the Trump dossier. They looked at all that, and they could not find a thread connecting events into a narrative of collusion.

McConnell to House GOP: Don’t Expect Amnesty Miracle

Alexander Bolton and Scott Wong, The Hill

Senate GOP leaders are using their joint retreat with the House to warn conservatives that they’re not going to be able to reverse Obama’s executive orders on immigration.

Boehner Rebellion Signals Tough Road Ahead for GOP

Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner

With more than two dozen Republican lawmakers now on record in their opposition to House Speaker John Boehner, GOP leaders this year may face a repeat — or worse — of the struggle to pass critical legislation in Congress.

McCarthy Vows Change on Hill to Save GOP

Jake Sherman, Politico

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy bluntly warned that R's will blow the presidency in '16 if they don’t make some radical changes, and quick. McCarthy said that tR's gains in the House will amount to little if they can’t govern over the next 2 years. 

House GOP May Arrest Lois Lerner

Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner

House Ways and Means Committee Republicans aren't ruling out the use of the chamber's "inherent contempt" authority if A.G. Eric Holder refuses to act on the panel's accusations against former IRS official Lois Lerner.

House Repub's Secret Immigration Ploy

Matthew Boyle & Jonathan Strong, Breitbart

House Repubs. are quietly working to insert immigration legislation into the text of the Dept. of Defense authorization bill that would allow so-called DREAMers to obtain permanent legal residency by joining the military.

Obama’s Massive Debt Made Possible By Establishment Republicans

The Republican establishment is perfectly content to “me-too” the Democrats on spending or to argue for a little less spending, say a 93 percent increase as opposed to a 106 percent increase, but not to attack the reasons for spending.

Uggh: Cantor May Be Vying for Speakership

Elliot Jager, Newsmax

House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) has been raising his public profile as speculation mounts that he is setting himself up for higher office should Speaker John Boehner choose to step down. Cantor has made a number of well-covered appearances.

GOP Flocks to Bill Curbing Obama's Power

Molly K. Hooper, The Hill

43 House Repubs. have recently backed legislation that calls for legal action against Obama. Obama threatened to enact policies if Congress didn't act in his State of the Union address.

GOP Ties Votes on Debt Limit to Defunding Obamacare

Lisa Barron, Newsmax

House R's appear to be moving closer to tying a debt ceiling increase to a repeal of the insurance co. bailout clause in Obamacare. Removing the "risk corridor" provision in OCare seemed to have more support than linking the debt limit to approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

McConnell: Immigration Reform Won't Happen in 2014

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Mitch McConnell said that he does not see any way the Dem.-controlled Senate and GOP-led House will agree on immigration reform legislation this year. McConnell said a deal’s unlikely given what he called the “irresolvable” differences between the Senate and House. But he's been wrong before.

Fire Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy

Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy didn’t even make the argument that House Republicans were fulfilling their constitutional role in defunding ObamaCare and cutting spending as part of a debt ceiling deal – they simply accepted that opposing Obama was out of the question and their job was to fund the destruction of American exceptionalism.

OCare Contraception Mandate Deal Coming?

Susan Crabtree, Washington Examiner

House Repubs' latest proposal to raise the debt limit and end the shutdown could start another budget fight over Obamacare’s contraception mandate, which requires employers to provide insurance that covers birth control.

Heritage Pans New GOP Fiscal Plan

Todd Beamon, Newsmax

"Unfortunately, the proposed deal will do nothing to stop Obamacare’s massive new entitlements from taking root — radically changing the nature of American healthcare," Heritage Action (lobbying arm of Heritage Foundation) said.

R's to Unveil Temp Borrowing Increase

Patrick O'Connor, Wall Street Journal

House R's plan to unveil a 6-week debt-ceiling increase Thurs. that doesn’t include additional policy conditions. Journalists say this marks a major breakthrough in the deadlock that resulted in a partial gov't shutdown.

House GOP Following Cruz Playbook

Mike Lillis, Peter Schroeder, and Bernie Becker, The Hill

House GOP leaders introduced a series of bills to fund specific parts of the gov't in lieu of one sweeping package, a strategy Cruz had floated a week ago and promoted again Monday as the gov't was closing its doors.

More Blame R's for Shutdown

Bethan Owen, Daily Caller

The number of people blaming Obama for a gov't shutdown is up 3% from earlier this month, while fewer are blaming the GOP. 46% say they blame congressional Reps, with 36% blaming Obama and 13% pointing at both.

Boehner Disregards Clean Funding Bill

Russell Berman, The Hill

Boehner said that the House is unlikely to accept a clean spending bill from the Senate, increasing the chances of a shutdown after 9/30. What would they attach to a CR in the limited time it will have to avert a shutdown?

OCare Defunding Alternative Emerges

Emma Dumain, Roll Call

43 Repubs, led by Tom Graves (R-GA), have introduced their own resolution that they think would both cut spending and defund Obamacare better than the GOP leaders' trick votes plan.