How Will Republicans Do in the 2014 Elections

Americans Sick of Govt Regulation

Betsy McCaughey,

A whopping 59% say they’d like to send a “leave me alone” message to Washington, while only 32% say their message is “lend me a hand.” People are fed up with gov't bossing them around, according to an 8/14 Fox poll of registered voters. It suggests R's have a good shot at taking seats from D's. 

Senate Spoilers: 6 States to Watch for 3rd-Party Candidates

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

As both Dems & Repubs. calculate their odds of a Senate majority, several 3rd party candidates are complicating their math. Popular dissatisfaction with both parties, and bitter campaigns, have helped boost 3rd-party candidates in a number of states into the high single digits.

NYT Documents Impending GOP Takeover of StateHouses

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Recess is in full force in Washington, as nat'l lawmakers vacation, but both political parties are fighting intense political battles on the ground in states nationwide as several statehouses are up for grabs in what’s shaping up to be a landslide pro-GOP election year.

R's Have More Reason Than Ever To Worry About Primary Challenges

Nate Silver, Five Thirty Eight

There’s no evidence the threat from primary challenges has been reduced going forward. It may even still be increasing. Beware of mainstream media narratives that state the contrary; they often draw too many conclusions from idiosyncratic results or fail to appreciate the differences between primaries and general elections.

Voters Want A Republican House & Senate

Katie Frates, Daily Caller

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid may be in trouble. NBC/WSJ/Marist has published a new poll, conducted July 28-31, that shows a plurality of registered voters want a Republican majority in both the House and Senate.

R's Gain 9 Points Over D's in Poll

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Repubs have erased a 9-point deficit on the generic congressional ballot and are tied with Dems, according to a Quinnipiac poll released this week.