Iowa Freedom Summit

Scott Walker’s surge — in two charts

Aaron Blake, Washington Post

Social media has kept the Scott Walker buzz going. While it dipped a little bit as the week wore on, it shot right back up again on Feb. 1, the day after Bloomberg and the Des Moines Register released a new Iowa caucuses poll with a surprise leader: Scott Walker.

Newt: We Are Losing The War With Radical Islamists

At Steve King's Iowa Freedom Summit Gingrich pulled no punches and compared the threat posed by militant Islam to the threat the world faced from the Nazis before World War II and by the former Soviet Union after the war.

Ted Cruz: Make Candidates Prove They're Conservative

"In a Republican primary, every candidate’s going to come in front of you and say, 'I’m the most conservative guy that ever lived,'" Cruz told the Iowa Freedom Summit. "Talk is cheap," Cruz said. "The word tells us you will know them by their fruit." And Cruz is right.

Scott Walker Takes Iowa by Storm

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

The Wis. GOP governor delivered a pitch-perfect speech to a room packed with influential Iowa conservatives on Sat., walking them through his robust resume and ideology with a passion that surprised many. Activists say Walker came out on top after 10 hours of candidate speeches.

Pro-Amnesty Crowd May Protest Iowa Freedom Summit

Tony Lee, Breitbart

DREAMers are planning to confront Republicans at Sat.’s inaugural Iowa Freedom Summit. DREAMers are planning “activities around the event, including confronting potential candidates to ask them where they stand on immigration reform and O's exec. action.”

Battle for Iowa Begins

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

More than a half-dozen likely candidates are gathering in Des Moines on Sat. to woo conservative activists & hone campaign messages. The Iowa Freedom Summit, organized by Rep. Steve King & Citizens United, is drawing many of those hoping to become the right's standard-bearer.

Sarah Palin to Return to Iowa for Summit

Linh Ta, Des Moines Register

Sarah Palin will take part in the conservative Iowa Freedom Summit in Des Moines on Jan. 24, hosted by Citizens United and Rep. Steve King. Other featured guests include Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich, Senator Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, & Sen. Rick Santorum.