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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Scott Walker calls it quits

Scott Walker drops out, cites no realistic road back from polling doldrums. Plus, To be (a Muslim president) or not to be. That is the question.; People are now taking a close look at Carly Fiorina. Do they like what they see?, and, The Donald is set to release his new book the day before the next debate.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: How high will Carly Fiorina rise?

Carly moves up to second in a post-debate national poll. Plus, Fiorina hits the road after debate, tries to build a tangible campaign; Best endorsement yet: Barbara Boxer says Carly is “mean”; A ray of hope for Rand Paul?, and, Trump, Carson and the Muslims.

Trump was right: Jeb did credit his wife for his immigration views

Scott Greer, Daily Caller

In the first two sentences of Jeb Bush’s book, “Immigration Wars,” the former Florida governor credits his wife Columba with shaping his views on immigration. That might come as a surprise to some voters, after Bush demanded that Donald Trump apologize Wednesday night for making the same point.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Are we seeing a kinder, gentler Donald?

Wednesday night’s CNN Republican debate drew nearly 23 million viewers. Plus, Fiorina won on stage and with the pundits; No more “Happy Hour” debates?; John Kasich is this year’s Jon Huntsman, and, Is this a new, kinder, gentler Donald?

CNN Republican Presidential Debate – Carly Fiorina schools the men

A great, substantive debate on Wednesday night that won't change the dynamic in the race. Plus, in foreign policy, there are few real differences between the candidates; For a debate hosted by liberals, subject-matter was fair game; Trump’s biggest selling point: Trust me. Carson’s biggest argument: intellect prevails; Jeb showed more energy, but he’s the same old Bush, and, Conclusion – Not much change, even as Fiorina stands out.

Is Jeb tough enough to survive Trump?

Alex Isenstadt and Glenn Thrush, Politico

Reconciling Bush’s courtly diffidence with the grubby demands of the 2016 debate stage won’t be easy. Trump is the most proficient onstage heckler in the business – with an eye for tweaking his patrician foil – but Bush must throw his elbows carefully or risk his reputation as an even-tempered grown-up.

Debate Prep: Asking The Right Questions About Jeb Bush’s Tax Plan

Jeb Bush’s plan merely reshuffles the deck of who gets the favors, rather than fundamentally reforming the tax code. And that begs the question: Why should the government pick economic winners and losers through the tax code?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Preview of tonight’s CNN GOP presidential debate

Another poll shows Trump and Carson way out in front -- how will they react in tonight's debate? Plus, Even Floridians aren’t wild about Jeb!; Because of Trump, people demand more; The latest Romney to the rescue story, and, Obama won’t be tuning in to the debate.

Jeb Bush Has No Claim On Reagan’s Legacy

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
George H.W. Bush, ran as a pro-choice moderate in the 1980 Republican primaries – he wanted nothing to do with the social and economic conservative positions Reagan espoused. Almost by default Bush became Reagan’s runningmate, but he never adopted Reagan’s limited government goals and throughout the Reagan presidency he was never trusted by conservatives.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Donald Trump leads in polls but still takes a Thump-o

New national poll shows Trump and Carson widening their lead. Plus, Trump changes the rules mid-game… Romney to the establishment’s rescue?; Why Ben Carson apologized to Donald Trump; Walker retreats to familiar ground – busting unions, and, “El Trumpo Takes a Thumpo.”

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Fiorina deflects Trump’s “face” punch

Rick Perry the first to quit. Plus, Trump brands Carson with the “low energy” charge; Fiorina deflects Trump’s “face” punch; Weathervane Scott Walker still shifting with the wind; Kasich sides with cowardly GOP leadership on Planned Parenthood, and, Is Huckabee the most known, liked and trusted candidate?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Glimpsing the darker side of Huck

New CNN poll confirms big lead for Trump and Carson. Plus, You knew it was coming -- Trump counter-punches Carson; Trump downplays his jab at Fiorina’s “face”; Carson goes on vacation, rises in the polls; Glimpsing the darker side of Huck, and, Cruz fights alone to defund Planned Parenthood.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Jeb! does late night TV, isn’t funny

The Donald issues a challenge to CNN. Plus, Huck-ster denies Cruz a share of the limelight in Kentucky; Is Ted Cruz trying to poach Trump supporters?; Ben Carson answers Trump on immigration, creating jobs, and, Jeb! does late night TV, isn’t funny.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Ben Carson being ignored by pollsters?

Who's "in" and who's "out" in the 2016 GOP presidential race. Plus, Fiorina tells Trump to fight Hillary; Donald Trump and the Twitter presidency; Is Ben Carson being ignored by pollsters?, and, The summer of Trump completely reworked the campaign.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Game on, GOP candidates

Donald Trump now tops Democrats in head-to-head matches. Plus, Has Mike Huckabee finally found his break?; Does The Donald need to cut into Carson?; Fiorina hammers Hillary, sticks to her message; Cruz takes on local issue to make a larger point, and, The only thing “inevitable” about Jeb is a painful loss.

Anchor Babies and Jeb Bush on Trial in Texas

A lawsuit in Texas explained by the First Lady of the Conservative Movement attorney Phyllis Schlafly puts both anchor babies and Jeb Bush on trial.

Trump now beating Jeb, Rubio and Walker head-to-head nationally

Allahpundit, Hot Air

According to a PPP poll, Donald Trump leads Marco Rubio by eight when voters are forced to choose between them and Scott Walker by 14. As for Jeb Bush, the margin is 25 points, 59 for Trump, 34 for Bush.

Eric Cantor: Poster Boy of the Beltway GOP Crapweasels

Michelle Malkin, CNS News

Newsflash to GOP elites: Getting Cantor's support is not like landing a prized marlin. It's like hooking one of those hideous bottom-feeding blobfish named the world's ugliest creature.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Ted Cruz schools leftists on climate change

Carly beats CNN, but the media heat will now be on her. Plus, Donald Trump receives a lot of free media and accepts an invitation to a Mexican restaurant; Santorum revives 99-county Iowa strategy, and, Ted Cruz foils leftists’ plot to trap him.