Jeb Bush

Viguerie: GOP Must Look Beyond Bush for Presidential Nominee

Melissa Clyne, Newsmax

The American people don't like the Bush family, and a Jeb Bush candidacy would be bad for the US and the GOP, says Richard Viguerie, chairman of He added that Govs. Sam Brownback, Rick Scott, Scott Walker, and Mike Pence are "a good collection" of potential choices.

Our Answer to Laura Ingraham’s Scary Prediction: #StopJebNow

There's only one way to make sure Laura Ingraham's scary prediction of the inevitable nomination of Jeb Bush does not come true #StopJebNow.

Red Alert: Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservative Union Resigns

Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservative Union and longtime confidant of former Governor Jeb Bush has abruptly resigned as ACU Chairman. Cardenas' resignation has sparked immediate speculation that a Bush presidential campaign is imminent and that Cardenas will have a leading role.

Jeb Bush Organizing Ahead of Potential POTUS Run

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Jeb Bush's speech to graduates of Grove City College in Penn. may have been the first sign that he is developing an organization for a potential 2016 presidential run. In a sign of his seriousness and organization, talking points were recently distributed to people in Bush's inner circle.

Jeb: Opposing Amnesty Makes No Sense To Me

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Jeb Bush courted Wall Street donors on Mon., saying "I have a hard time understanding why people are fearful of our own heritage, our own history," He suggested legalization would help the economy.

CHQ 2016 GOP Presidential Straw Poll: Week 40

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Boehner 'Nudged' Jeb Bush To Run in 2016

Fox News Latino Staff

"Jeb Bush is my friend. I think he'd make a great president. I've nudged him for some time," Speaker John Boehner told the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

We Need More State Legislators Like Florida’s Don Gaetz

Retiring Florida State Senate President Don Gaetz is the kind of leader we need in every state legislature; he held fast to his principles, took on a Governor from his own Party and Jeb Bush, the state’s most high profile establishment Republican politician, and didn’t cave.

Richard Viguerie: Horrendous Mistake to Nominate Jeb Bush

Breitbart TV

“How many times do we have to go through this nightmare before we realize the voters don’t like big-government Republicans?” Viguerie added. He mentioned Jeb Bush and Chris Christie as some of the worst candidates.

Jeb Bush = Hillary Clinton

A recent article in POLITICO confirms Richard Viguerie's observation in TAKEOVER that when Big Business claims to “lean” Republican what they really mean is that they lean in favor of Big Government, and don’t really care whether it is run by a Democrat like Hillary Clinton or a Republican like Jeb Bush.

Rand Paul Wins Maine 2016 Prez Straw Poll

Mike Allen, Poltico

Sen. Rand Paul, who spoke Sat. at the Maine Republican Convention, was the big winner in the party’s straw poll. Paul took 26% of the vote, to 14% for the second-place finisher, Sen. Ted Cruz.

Only 15% of Americans Want Jeb to Run in 2016

Charlie Spiering, Breitbart

The latest YouGov/Economist poll shows that 47% indicated that they did not want Bush to run. 38% indicated that they were not sure. Both Bush and Chris Christie get a 49% favorability rating among Repubs. Christie is disliked by 37% of Repubs.

Jeb Bush and the GOP Donor Problem

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Anti-base politics can defeat the wishy-washy 2016 nominee.

Jeb Bush Doubles Down On Amnesty

Now it appears that, after the conservative firestorm over Bush’s “act of love” remarks, Bush is reverting to type and talking out of both sides of his mouth on amnesty for illegal aliens.

Viguerie: 2016 GOP Nominee Should be DC Outsider

Aaron Stern, NewsMax

Democrats seem all but certain to nominate Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate in 2016, which means Republicans need to find the closest thing to her polar opposite, says longtime conservative advocate Richard Viguerie. 

Bossie: Boos Show Bush's Challenge

Maggie Haberman, Politico

A cattle call of potential Republican 2016 hopefuls in New Hampshire indicated problems among grass-roots conservative activists for two center-right politicians, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, an organizer said. 

Rand Paul: Jeb Bush Was Wrong To Defend Illegals

Fox News Latino Staff

Rand Paul said that Jeb was inarticulate when he described immigrants who come to the U.S. illegally as committing an "act of love." Paul said that those immigrants "are not bad people" but added the U.S. "can't invite the whole world" inside its borders.

Bush Draws Boos from Conservatives

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

A mention of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), a potential 2016 presidential contender, by Donald Trump brought boos from a conservative crowd in New Hampshire.

A Push for Bush is Dangerous for Repubs.

Christopher Caldwell, Financial Times

Jeb is being promoted by R's whose main interest in the party is that it not nominate someone who will shake up the Obama-era economic settlement. The strategy seems bound to produce an electoral loss. That appears to be of little concern to the people devising it.