Joe Biden

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is it safe to attack Ben Carson?

“Fire in the sky” in Boulder during tomorrow night’s debate? Plus, Fiorina’s troubles and the next debate; Is Marco Rubio frustrated or just lazy?, and, To attack or not attack Ben Carson, that is the question.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Kneel at the feet of Hillary Clinton

With Joe Biden out, commence the coronation of Hillary. Plus, another poll shows Donald Trump way out in front; Should we be making real decisions based on shaky polls?; Romney says as traditional media fails, “insurgents” rise, and, Ben Carson’s unequivocal position on gay marriage.

The Democrats have a candidate shortage

Chicago Tribune Editorial Board

Democrats, by contrast, have only five candidates. At the moment, it's really a two-person contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. And those two options suggest the party could be in trouble come November 2016.

A Brief Shining Moment in the Sorry '70s

Craig Shirley, Real Clear Politics

It took courage for three men, Ronald Reagan, Jesse Helms and yes, Joe Biden, to go against their president and go against conventional thinking and stand up for what they thought was right. For Reagan, Helms and Biden, welcoming Alexander Solzhenitsyn to America was a brief, shining and courageous moment.

Why Elizabeth Warren won’t run and Jeb Bush won’t win

Jamelle Bouie, Slate Magazine

Bush would have trouble with actual Republican voters, while in the Democratic Party field Hillary Clinton towers over every potential competitor,including VP Joe Biden and far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Biden Recognizes Power of the TEA Party

Associated Press Staff

Campaigning in one of the nation’s key U.S. Senate contests, Vice President Joe Biden said that Dems need to ‘stop the march of the Tea Party now,' and that keeping Dem. control of the chamber would “break the back of the hard right” and ease gridlock in DC.

The $40 Million Vacation Men

According to records obtained by our friends at Judicial Watch through FOIA requests and lawsuits, the Obamas and Bidens have spent more than $40 million taxpayer dollars on trips since 2009 up through the president’s most recent Palm Springs and Key Largo golf outings. And they still have two years left to live it up on your dime.

Operation Amer. Spring Aims to Oust Obama, Boehner

Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times

A group of "patriots" with a million mobilized militia members (Operation American Spring) are heading to DC this week with a message for political leaders, from Obama to Boehner: Get out.

Biden Warns: "We Could Lose to Cruz"

Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times

Vice President Joe Biden has sent out a call to arms to fellow Democrats, warning in a recent fundraising email that if they don’t pony up and pay, the likes of Sen. Ted Cruz could win on Capitol Hill in November.

Biden: Illegal Immigrants ‘Already American Citizens’ To Me

Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times

The nearly 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. are already citizens, Vice President Biden said during his address to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Is the U.S. Ready to Engage in More Warfare?

Patrick J. Buchanan,

If we severely sanction Russia, she could cut off oil and gas to Europe, cause a recession in the eurozone, and move closer to China. What our Greatest Generation presidents accomplished, our Baby Boomer presidents appear to have booted away.

CO Recalls Make History

Ross Kaminsky, American Spectator

Bloomberg-Biden toadies are learning something about voter rejection now that gun restriction laws have caused a revolt on Dems.

Joe Biden: No More Cruzes or Pauls

Charlie Spiering, Washington Examiner

VP said he can no longer strong-arm Republicans because they’re afraid to go against the freshmen.