Joe Scarborough

Fighting Fire With Fire

The problem with all of this establishment Republican virtue-signaling and the establishment media calls for civility is that they only go one way. Neither before nor after President Trump hit Brzezinski and Scarborough like a ton of bricks did anyone in the establishment call for civility to the President.

Scarborough in 2016 Is Apparently Not a Joke

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

Chris Christie's "Bridge Gate" scandal has inflated the egos of other establishment R's who want a bite at the 2016 White House apple. Now RINO and talking head Joe Scarborough is considering running, according to an NBC source.

Faux Conserv. JoeS Lectures The Right

Brent Bozell,

Joe Scarborough, faux conservative, is hawking a new book, lecturing conservatives on the way forward. Why should it should be ignored? It'll be reviewed in The NY Times, while Levin's important, best-selling books won't.

Scarborough Bashes Conserv. Radio

Kyle Drennen, Media Research Center

Failed radio host and estab. Repub. Joe Scarborough took to NBC to bash conservative talk radio hosts for firing up grassroots to fight to the death every time to prove that they're sufficiently conservative-- all for profit.