Ken Blackwell

Presidential Election Integrity Commission Meets – Left Goes Nuts

President Theodore Roosevelt once said, it is the affair of every honest voter, wherever born, to see that no fraudulent voting is allowed anywhere. Which begs the question, if Democrats are so opposed to investigating illegal voting, are they honest voters?

More Fake News From CNN

CNN reports that 44 states have "refused" to provide voter information to President Trump's Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity are patently false, more "fake news."

No More Free Lunch

Since 2015 federal welfare spending has outpaced defense spending. President Trump’s workfare proposal demonstrates that he is busy doing what is important for Americans. Congress should join him.

Ken Blackwell: Ted Cruz Right on Target

Courtney Coren, NewsMax

Ted Cruz's attempt to force a vote on defunding O's exec. amnesty was the right move, says former OH state Treasurer & Sect. of State Ken Blackwell. "Cruz was right on target with his advancement of a strategy that would've stopped Obama's unconstitutional power grab in its track."

The RIGHT Leader

Tony Perkins, Ken Blackwell and Brent Bozell, The Hill

Now is the time to unify the Republican Party and the conservative movement by selecting leaders who will challenge the status quo in Washington, pursue a bold conservative agenda, and begin the work of restoring the American Dream.