Lou Dobbs

President Ryan Takes Over

The spending bill Paul Ryan is about to ram through Congress shows that despite Donald Trump’s historic election win it is Speaker Paul Ryan who is really running the show in Washington, and President Ryan has no intention of fulfilling candidate Donald Trump’s campaign promises.

Speaker Paul Ryan’s Implosion

Since the election of President Donald Trump the myth of Paul Ryan’s genius has come crashing down to earth because for the first time in his life Ryan has actually had to produce measurable results. And when the results have been compared to the myth Ryan has failed. Spectacularly.

Viguerie On Lou Dobbs: Conservatives Must TAKEOVER GOP

In his latest appearance on FOX Business program Lou Dobbs Tonight, CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie makes the case that to attract more women and minority voters what the GOP needs is leaders who can effectively articulate the conservative message, not policies that are more like the Democrats. Click here to watch the entire segment