Mia Love

Mia Love: Repeal, Replace Obamacare

Dave Urbanski, The Blaze

"I’ve said I was going to do everything I can to repeal and replace it with something that is functional…with broad health-care reforms, free-market health-care reforms. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

Mia Love: O's Amnesty Action 'Like A Dictatorship'

Jennifer Burke, Tea Party News Network

“It's Congress’ job to create a uniform rule of naturalization, a way in. It should be done line by line, section by section with the input of the public instead of being done by one person. It looks more like a dictatorship when a president is unilaterally making decisions for the Amer. people.”

Dems' Warped Image of Women Lost

Kevin D. Williamson, National Review

A funny thing happened in the “war on women.” Mia Love and Joni Ernst won, Wendy Davis and Sandra Fluke lost. Perhaps American women aspire to more than receiving political patronage. 

The War On Women Is Over & We Won

Emily Zanotti, American Spectator

Dems reap their condescension to women. Women got the message that all the Dems think about is their vaginas (when they think about women at all). R's should take this disaster to heart, and note that in many places where they mad

Mia Love Clinches GOP Nomination for Congress

Abby Livingston, Roll Call

Former Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love earned ample support from Utah Republicans on Saturday to win her party’s nod for the House (UT's 4th District) — and most likely become the GOP’s first black congresswoman.

R's Swing Race Fundraising Way Up

Daniel Doherty, Townhall

The NRCC compiled a list of what they believe are the 7 most vulnerable House members, or NRCC Red Zone Democrats. In 3 of those 7 races this past quarter, GOP challengers out-raised D's by impressive margins.

Conservatives Pan MLK March Events

Niall Stanage, The Hill

Conservative blacks disagree with the liberal tone of events for the 50th anniversary of MLK’s march.

New Effort to Aid Republican Women

Alexander Burns, Politico

“Women Lead” will be a new Super PAC helping female candidates who favor limited government.

GOP Candidates Eager for Rematch

Priya Anand, Politico

It'll be déjà vu in the 2014 midterms as several Repub's who narrowly lost are preparing for second races.

Never Too Early to Fight Over Polls

Nathan L. Gonzales, Roll Call

Divergent partisan polling results in Utah’s 4th district highlight the intensity of the 2014 race.

Mia Love to Run Again in Utah

Priya Anand, Politico

Mia Love would have been the first black female Republican in the House, but she lost narrowly.