Michael Bloomberg

Obama’s Naked Power Exposed

Obama's nonprofits’ joint objective is to ensure that states like Texas, North Caroline, and Virginia vote Democrat. Obama’s purpose of the nonprofit is, using big data, to target and register Democrat supporters. To date, Republicans are all but ignoring actions of the Obama nonprofits. Currently, not only do Republicans fail to recognize the threat, but they have no effective strategies in play to defeat what Obama has been doing.

Sam Donaldson Couldn't Save Bloomberg

Tim Graham, CNS News

On Valentine's Day, Sam Donaldson announced he was endorsing Michael Bloomberg for president because President Trump is a "sick, ignorant man." Donaldson even made a commercial for Bloomberg. Then the results came in, and Bloomberg had only won American Samoa. Donaldson's endorsement didn't sway a lot of people. Donaldson backed Democrat Doug Jones in the 2017 Senate special election. In 2016, he made anti-Trump donations to John Kasich late in the primaries and to Hillary Clinton leading up to the general election. For decades, Sam Donaldson gave to the Democrats "at the office," so to speak. Now he's spreading his retirement money all over to drag Republicans down.

Neither Bernie, Nor Biden, Nor Bloomberg Will Stop Trump’s Continued Winning

Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times

Poor Joe Biden. His victory in South Carolina will not, as some pundits are claiming, “resuscitate” or “breathe life” into the ailing former vice-president’s asphyxiating campaign. That ship has sailed, as we’ll all see on Tuesday when Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg divide up most of the delegate cake. During his first campaign, Donald Trump used to joke that he would be so successful at turning around the country that people would “get tired of winning.” They aren’t tired of winning yet, which is why the wrecking ball that is Bernie Sanders will be shattered during the nomination process or, should he win the nomination, be utterly obliterated come the election in November.

USA Marks First Coronavirus Death As Democrats Push Panic

Contrary to what Democrats would like to panic you into believing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s budget and staffing are both up under President Trump. The proactive measures the government has put in place thus far show the system is working and the Democrats’ attacks on the measures Trump is taking are lies intended to generate fear and panic for their political advantage.

Democrats Turn Coronavirus Into Bio-Weapon Against Trump

Sen. Schumer, Speaker Pelosi and presidential aspirant Michael Bloomberg are attacking President Trump over the response to the coronavirus. The politicization of the response to the coronavirus by the Democrats is already well underway, if you don’t believe it, ask the Democrats if they are ready to clean up California’s vast homeless camps to help stymie the potential spread of the coronavirus.

Michael Bloomberg Gets Stopped And Frisked

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Bloomberg’s campaign is sounding the alarm that Sanders could soon amass an insurmountable delegate lead if the Democratic field stays split, and is urging the other candidates to drop out. Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Joe Biden are being told that if they do not get out of the race and clear the lane for the mayor, they will get a socialist as their nominee, and the party will deserve the fate November will bring—a second term for Trump. As the other candidates cannot beat Sanders, Bloomberg’s campaign is saying, they should step aside and clear the field for Mayor Mike. This would call for a spirit of self-sacrifice and measure of esteem for the mayor not evident on that stage Wednesday night.

Mike Bloomberg’s Technocratic Threat

Rich Lowry, National Review

Trump, whatever his personal and institutional failings, is backstopped by a conservative legal movement that has worked with him to pump originalist judges through the Senate. These judges will remain a bulwark of conservative constitutionalism long after Trump has departed the scene. Bloomberg’s technocratic instincts, in contrast, run with the grain of contemporary progressivism. There will be no checks on his natural tendency toward unilateral rule through the administrative state. Democrats may yet come to believe that only Mike Bloomberg can save the country — but what he emphatically won’t be saving is a view of the government as circumscribed by an old, yet sacrosanct, Constitution.

Bloomberg in debate: Billions of dollars, zero vision

Byron York, Washington Examiner

After the debate, Bloomberg tried to turn his lack of vision into a virtue: "Tonight, I stood on a stage with a group of politicians," he tweeted. "They talked, because that's what they're good at. They went on and on about what they could and should do. I have built. I have created actual change. I have gotten it done. That's what I'll do for America." Should he win the Democratic nomination, Bloomberg will run against a president who was elected on a ringing promise to "Make America Great Again." Like him or not, Donald Trump will campaign for re-election on a pledge of American greatness. Bloomberg will promise to "get it done" with sensible management. That's not what wins elections.

Mike Bloomberg: The Incredible Shrinking Candidate

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

The whole Las Vegas debate offers an astonishing indictment of the current Democratic Party that a guy like Mr. Bloomberg can rocket to the top of the heap without a single day of actual campaigning and in spite of his political record. To understand just how devastating this crack-up of the Democratic Party is, consider this: The only candidate other than Mr. Bloomberg who has a shot at the nomination refuses to actually join the Democratic Party. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is a “Democratic Socialist.” Even now since Mr. Bloomberg officially switched his party registration to “Democrat,” he is a curious candidate for the party to run against President Trump in November.

Michael Bloomberg: Like Penny Loafers At A Rodeo

The entertainment of value of Bloomberg’s phoniness aside, the former New York City Mayor’s real problem is that the authentic Bloomberg would get buried in both the Democratic Party’s primary and the general election, because, judging by what the real Michael Bloomberg says in unscripted moments, he’s an even nastier elitist than Hillary Clinton.

There’s Zero Chance Bloomberg Would Pick Hillary

John Fund, National Review

If Hillary were his vice president, could a President Bloomberg be confident that Hillary wouldn’t be scarf-deep in scandal and intrigue every day she was his vice president? Could he rely on her word that she would avoid conflicts of interest and other ethical wrongs? Mike Bloomberg has been pressing the notion that scandals have plagued Donald Trump’s administration. Why would he want to surrender his claim to the moral high ground by making Hillary his running mate and exposing himself to accurate counterattacks over that by Trump? There is no way he is going to look at the prospect of Hillary Clinton joining his ticket as anything other than “risky business.”

As The Establishment Implodes, A Billionaire Emerges

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Sanders has largely united the left-wing of his party and displaced Biden as the front-runner and favorite for the nomination. Meanwhile, the non-socialist wing of the party has failed to coalesce around a champion to stop Sanders and is becoming ever more splintered. Where does this leave the Democratic field? Two candidacies, Warren's and Biden's, are in hospice care. Two candidates, Buttigieg and Klobuchar, competing to be the moderate alternative to Sanders, are in danger of canceling each other out. Two candidates, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer, are billionaires who will be battling on Super Tuesday to crush the scourge of billionaires, Bernie Sanders.

Will Bloomberg buzz survive contact with voters?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Would anyone be discussing Bloomberg absent his $55 billion fortune? The answer, of course, is no. But, for the moment, with Bloomberg having never been in a debate, with few voters having seen him, and with none having had a chance to vote when his name is on the ballot, Bloomberg attracts more than his share of media attention. What made Bloomberg different was one thing: his money. Bloomberg has risen in the polls on the strength of more than $300 million spent so far, with untold hundreds of millions more to come. But there is still that question of the voters. Many a campaign has appeared to have mojo until its first contact with voters. For Bloomberg, that test lies a few weeks.

The Myth Of The Moderate Democrat

Our friend Deroy Murdock recently posted an analysis of the legislative scorecards for the Senators still in the race for the Democratic Party's nomination for President. It turns out that so-called moderates Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden have often posted scores to the Left of Socialist Bernie Sanders. What's more, former Mayors Bloomberg and Buttigieg are every bit as Far Left as Sanders, Klobuchar, Biden and Warren.

Billionaires Buying Or Bribing Their Way To Democrat Nomination?

Bloomberg has already tripled Trump’s 2016 spending, with no end in sight. Bloomberg has said he’s open to spending $1 billion dollars of his own money in his bid to become president, but whether he and Tom Steyer can use their billions to buy or use legal forms of bribery to build a loyal and effective campaign organization remains to be seen.

The Socialist Versus The Billionaire: Can Either Beat The Donald?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

If Biden is thrashed in New Hampshire on Tuesday, as he was in Iowa, does he remain viable in South Carolina, where he was so strong before the new year? Will African-American voters in South Carolina stick by Biden and his claim to be “the most electable” Democrat if he has been floored twice by Sanders and Buttigieg, and can’t seem to win within his own party? What I wrote before Iowa seems even more true today: “If Bernie can beat Biden two or three times in the first four primary states in February, the last remaining roadblock on Bernie’s path to the nomination could be Mike Bloomberg’s billions.” The Socialist versus The Billionaire. Could either really beat The Donald?

Next Democrats Will Be Tearing Out Their Hair

Normal people in outside-the-Beltway America are wondering what’s going to happen next after Pelosi tore up her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union speech and the Senate acquitted the President of all charges in the Democrats’ articles of impeachment. We predict the tearing of hair, accompanied by ashes and sackcloth when Democrats absorb the latest economic news.

Time To End The Corrupt Iowa Caucuses

This is the third time in a row the Iowa caucuses have been corrupted, twice by Democrats and once by Republicans. It is time for the Republican and Democratic Party national organizations to end this corrupt scheme to enrich the Hawkeye State’s political class and media companies.

Let’s All Pray For Rush

Rush Limbaugh has been a special friend to CHQ. At times like this one’s relationship with God comes into sharper focus, and we invite all CHQ readers and friends to join us in praying for Rush Limbaugh’s good health and recovery and for confidence and strength for his family.

He’s Not Even A Good Socialist

The media, being intellectually lazy, if not completely ignorant of the tenets of socialism, has bought Sanders’ self-labeling that he is a “socialist.” On matters of compulsion and totalitarianism Senator Bernie Sanders is a good socialist apparently, but on the real core value of socialism – everyone performing socially useful work – Sanders is MIA.