Reagan Library

Reagan Library Shows America at Its Best

Quin Hillyer, The American Spectator

The exhibits do a fine job telling the story of Reagan’s remarkable life. Many of them expertly capture his buoyant personality, his infectious optimism, and especially his love for wife Nancy. Yet this isn’t one of those postmodern, vapid substitutions of personal ephemera for real history. Instead, the personal material is seamlessly and appropriately integrated into the important account of Reagan’s world-altering public life and presidency. Never does a visitor lose sight of why there is a museum for Reagan — of what he believed, what he did in office, and why his presidency mattered.

Craig Shirley’s New Must Read Reagan Book: Last Act

In Last Act Craig Shirley has documented important details of the enduring and transcendent legacy of Ronald Reagan. If you want to understand Reagan’s legacy and why and how it has grown since his passing, and how the drama of his funeral help frame that legacy, I urge you to read this book.

Washington Post’s New Publisher Extinguished Reagan’s Flame At Library

Those Republicans who are looking for a shift to the Right at the new Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post should recall that even though newly-named publisher Fred Ryan served in Ronald Reagan's White House, he is a cofounder of POLITICO, the harsh and persistent critic of the Tea Party movement and its Reagan-inspired limited government constitutional conservative agenda.

Rand Paul Wows at Reagan Library

Maeve Reston, Los Angeles Times

The Kentucky Senator talked about how the GOP can expand its base while sticking to principles.

Paul: GOP Must Be a Bigger Party

James Hohmann, Politico

Sen. Rand Paul spoke at the Reagan Library, saying the GOP must have a broader appeal to win.