Republican platform

Trump's fingerprints on GOP platform light

David M. Drucker, Washington Examiner

The New York businessman has made waves inside the party for an unorthodox approach to social, fiscal and national security policy that challenges decades of Republican dogma. But delegates gathered ahead of next week's national convention to write the party platform made few significant changes on matters that have long characterized GOP positions on domestic and international issues.

Where’s the Conservative Leadership?

It is obvious that American culture and the moral foundation of our society are in free fall, but conservative leaders are all too often spending their time navel gazing or worrying about offending some politician rather than calling their grassroots adherents to stand against the great moral crises facing America, and indeed all of western civilization.

Has Donald Trump Read The Republican Platform?

On day one of his campaign Donald Trump sounded like a candidate who wanted to reconstitute the Reagan's “three-legged stool” based on “fiscal, social and sovereignty issues.” However, since those first heady weeks almost everything Trump has said has taken him further and further from those early commitments, especially on the social and cultural issues.

Dems Hope GOP Platform Will Help Them Woo Millennials

Mike Lillis, The Hill

House Dems think the GOP’s agenda has given them a new opportunity to win over millennials ahead of '16. Even though younger voters tend to vote Dem., the group turned out in low numbers amid the midterms last Nov.