Republicans helping veterans access WWII Memorial during Shutdown

Obama Plays Politics w/ War Memorial

Hans von Spakovsky, Heritage Foundry Blog

Americans are justifiably angry over the political game being played by Obama to barricade the WWII Memorial. They should be. Under federal law, there is no justifiable reason for closing the memorial.

Fry Cook Paid to Protest Vets

Patrick Poole, PJ Media

Why was a McDonald's cook paid $15 to attend (and claim the shutdown is Boehner's fault) a protest targeting vets? None of the protesters would show their fed ID.

Mica: Arrest WWII Memorial Blockers

Katie McHugh, Daily Caller

Rep. John Mica called for the firing of officials who ordered the barricade of the open-air World War II memorial to veterans on Weds., including the Secretary of the Interior and Nat'l Parks Director.