Sen. Orrin Hatch

GOP Senators' Ocare Bridge to Nowhere

Dave Urbanski, The Blaze

Sens. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, John Barrasso of Wyoming and Orrin Hatch of Utah announced they planned to sponsor financial assistance for a “transitional period” and that states would be allowed the freedom to improve their health care systems. They provide no detail on how much assistance they would propose, its duration or how to pay for it. Nor do they say how they would address divisions among Republicans or Obama administration opposition to improving or repairing the 2010 law.

Tell GOP Leaders: Fight Or Be Complicit

A Senate GOP aide told Breitbart News that chaos would spread across Washington if Obama announces executive amnesty and the House passes an omnibus with no language blocking it. "There will be no Senate vote, because conservatives will burn down the Capitol," said the aide. He was, of course, speaking figuratively, but there's nothing figurative about the message conservatives have for Capitol Hill Republican leaders: Fight Or Be Complicit. CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE and SENATORS at 1-866-220-0044 TELL THEM TO STOP OBAMA'S UNCONSTITUTIONAL AMNESTY #FightOrBeComplicit