Sen. Pat Roberts

If Wolf Were A GOP Incumbent, NRSC Would Be Defending Him

Dan Reihl,

The NRSC is attacking a conservative and protecting a weak Dem. incumbent in a primary. They go after reform-minded Republicans harder than they do Democrats.

TeaParty Sets Sights on Sen. Roberts

Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

“Over the past few decades, he [Sen. Pat Roberts] has unfortunately become the quintessential career politician, failing to thwart the unprecedented growth of government when it really counted,” the Madison Project said. They endorsed conservative candidate Dr. Milton Wolf.

Dr. Wolf to GOP: An 'R' Isn't Enough

Dr. Milton Wolf, Breitbart

Obama's conservative cousin points out that the GOP's problem is that it hasn't been loyal to its own principles. A return to Reagan conservatism is the impetus behind his Senate run.

Dr. Milton Wolf Challenges Sen. Roberts: Tea Party Challenge To Establishment GOP Senators Growing

Dr. Milton Wolf in Kansas and state Rep. Joe Carr in Tennessee are just the first of many limited government constitutional conservatives who must be recruited, nominated and elected if we are to, as Dr. Wolf put it, “save the Republican Party from itself.” 

Cruz, The Energizer Bunny

ED Morrissey, Hot Air

Cruz's incredible 18+-hour performance has objectively raised the profile of the ObamaCare opposition, and whether that would have worked better for a delay than defunding is really moot at this point.