Sen. Thad Cochran

Time for MS Conservs. to Teach GOPe a Lesson?

Gawken, Red State

If Cochran is reelected, then the GOPe wins big. They literally will get away with stealing an election. They’ll do anything to keep a real conservative from getting nominated in '16.

Another Self-Inflicted Wound for the GOP

Emery McClendon, Breitbart

The refusal of the RNC to censure Henry Barbour’s race-baiting campaign targeting Repub. Chris McDaniel in the Mississippi Senate primary runoff against Thad Cochran shows an astonishing tone-deafness by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and portends continued failure by the GOP to attract black voters.

Ed Martin: One Man of Integrity Makes an Army

Missouri GOP Chairman Ed Martin has worked on building up the Missouri GOP’s ground game and made a point of asking the tough questions at the Republican National Committee and, in the process, has apparently earned the enmity of the insiders who run the RNC. Now he's demanding an investigation into the race-baiting ads in Mississippi sponsored by two of the RNC's most powerful insiders -- former RNC Chairman Haley Barbour and his nephew Mississippi GOP National Committeeman Henry Barbour.

Will the Republican Party of Mississippi Follow Its Own Rules?

The facts in the challenge to Mississippi's tainted Senate runoff appear to be on Chris McDaniel's side, but will the Mississippi Republican State Executive Committee have the integrity to act upon those facts?

McDaniel Moves Toward Runoff Challenge

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R) will file a challenge to the results of his primary battle with Sen. Thad Cochran (R) with the Mississippi Republican Executive Committee on Monday. McDaniel will unveil a challenge at a news conference.

Senate Conservatives Fund Not Backing Down On Mississippi Fight

Ashe Schow, Washington Examiner

President of the Senate Conservatives Fund Ken Cuccinelli stated, "Other Republican senators were supporting that super PAC that did all the race-baiting attacks. This is not over for them because it suggests they don’t, aren’t just not conservative, that they are anti-conservative. And the conservative base will respond to that."

RNC Takes A Step Toward Investigating Outrage In Mississippi Primary

While a “discussion” of what happened in Mississippi may appear to be a small step to outsiders, it represents a huge leap in the dynamics of the Republican National Committee, One way to keep the pressure on Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC is to sign our petition to Priebus to let him know that conservatives demand fair, corruption-free Republican primary elections.

A Mississippian's Reply to Ann Coulter

Mississippi Conservative Daily

"We’ve had enough of cowardly Repubs., like you, who whimper at the slightest hand raised by Dems. We're proud to stand behind a true conservative fighter in Chris McDaniel. But if you are not going to join our crusade, then do us all a big favor and shut up!"

Portman Role in Mississippi Race Sparks TEAParty Outrage

Deirdre Shesgreen,

Sen. Rob Portman has landed in the tea party's crosshairs over his decision to back a Republican establishment candidate, over a more conservative challenger, in Mississippi's nationally watched GOP primary.

McDaniel: GOP Must Be 'Purged' of Those Who Accuse Fellow R's of Racism

Elise Viebeck, The Hill

"They hired Democratic operatives to go out into Democratic communities and call me a racist," said McDaniel, who still has not conceded in the race. "That's despicable," he went on. 

McDaniel Evidence Enough To Challenge Mississippi Runoff

"You’re going to be astonished... It’s amazing. You’re going to see problem after problem after problem” with the Mississippi Republican Senate runoff election said state Senator Chris McDaniel's lead attorney Mitch Tyner.

Rove's American Crossroads in MS Controversy

Jeffery Lord, American Spectator

Karl Rove-backed American Crossroads claimed it wouldn’t get involved in the Cochran runoff. But the controversial Cochran-supporting group Mississippi Conservatives received a $50,000 donation from American Crossroads 4 days before the runoff.

CONFIRMED: Senate GOP Leaders Paid for Attacks On Conservatives

Erick Erickson, Red State

The attack ads in MS run by “All Citizens for Mississippi” were funded by Senate R's, including Sens. Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Rob Portman, Bob Corker, and Roy Blunt. Senate Repub. leaders are willing to risk losing a majority so they can get their own re-elected. 

Conservatives Demand RNC Censure Barbour Over MS Senate Lies

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

A coalition of powerful conservative leaders, led by the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, is demanding that RNC's Reince Priebus censure RNC committeeman Henry Barbour for his role in racially incendiary appeals to Dem. voters that voting for Thad Cochran was a means of stopping the Tea Party.

Muddled Miss. Runoff May Have Nat'l Repercussions

Chad Groening,

An advocate for limited government believes the tactics of the NRSC may end up losing a Mississippi seat to the Democrats.

Cochran Campaign: We 'Screwed Up' FEC Cash Filing

Cathy Burke, NewsMax

Thad Cochran's campaign confesses it "screwed up" FEC reports listing $53,000 in get-out-the-vote cash payments, and is fixing the filings. The campaign reimbursed staffer Amanda Shook for cash listed as "Reimbursed Expense, Campaign Walkers" in violation of FEC regs. that allow reimbursements to staff.

Cochran Replaces Campaign Manager Amid Ugly Battle

Geoff Pender, The Clarion-Ledger

Thad Cochran's campaign manager, Kirk Sims, has been replaced by his state director Brad Davis. Kirk Sims will stay on with the campaign as an adviser. Is this staff change a sign of panic?

True the Vote Alleges "Stunning Evidence of Election Subversion," Restraining Order Filed!

True The Vote says it possesses dozens of signed affidavits “containing stunning evidence of election subversion,” including the “destruction of voters’ absentee ballot applications and mandatory envelopes” and “illegal alteration of poll books.” Now they are headed to federal court with their evidence of vote fraud in the Mississippi Republican Senate runoff.

Untamed Cruz Not Playing Nice with NRSC

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

The defiant conservatives's brutal criticism of Thad Cochran's reelection campaign, and the involvement of a group he is technically a vice chairman of, the NRSC, is just the latest example of the Tea Party hero refusing to stay quiet on the GOP Establishment's bad behavior.

We Nominate Matt Boyle For A Pulitzer Prize For Mississippi GOP Primary Coverage

Matthew Boyle’s reporting on the Mississippi Republican primary was not only insightful, it exposed the dark underbelly of how the Republican establishment will use any tactic and go to any length – including allegedly bribing Democrats to vote in the Mississippi Republican Senate runoff – to stay in power.