Senate race

Tennessee Senate Race May Be Most Crucial of 2018

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Would Bredesen avoid joining that chorus when the rest of his caucus are singing that tune in unison? Is there anything to really show he would be brave enough to counter the power of group think or even would want to in the end? Whether Bredesen is lying to himself or to the public or both doesn't matter. The results are and will be the same. What we are seeing here is a "centrism" masquerade for electoral purposes the likes of which we are going to be seeing all over the country in red or purple districts.

Could Maryland senate race be a Republican pickup?

Ashe Schow, Washington Examiner

The issue for nominee Kathy Szeliga, as with any race, will be whether Republicans turn out in big enough numbers for her to repeat Gov. Larry Hogan's surprise win in the state in 2014. Complicating matters is the fact that Democrats turn out more in presidential races, and outnumber Republicans in the Old Line State, two to one.

How Far Will The GOP Wave Go?

Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

R's retain big leads to pick up 3 open seats in Romney-carried states: WV, Mont., SD. Repub. nominees moved ahead of 3 Dem. incumbents in Romney states (AK, AR, LA) & in 2 target states carried by Obama (CO, IA). Only in NC has the Repub. not yet overtaken the Dem.