Social Security

Democratic plan: Rob the young, hook us on federal handouts

Editors, Washington Examiner

Democrats have introduced a bill to exacerbate the damaging effects of the currect Social Security system. The Social Security 2100 Act would decrease lifetime earnings of today’s young people and increase that of today’s old people while also reducing the amount of money people make from work in order to increase the amount they get from the government. Picking the pockets of young workers to give more dosh to retirees is politically attractive because retirees are highly active in elections and are also a swing population. Younger people, by contrast, vote at a significantly lower rate. Social Security should be reformed so as to reduce dependency and fecklessness.

Don't Waste The Lame Duck: Pass Penny Plan and Tax Cuts

We urge CHQ readers and friends to contact their Senators today to tell them not to waste the Lame Duck. This is the last opportunity Republicans have before radical Far-Left Democrats takeover the House and impose gridlock on President Trump’s conservative economic growth agenda. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) call TODAY.

Social Security's solvency keeps getting worse, and Congress keeps doing nothing

Editors, Washington Examiner

In the midst of the Great Depression, millions of elderly persons lived in poverty. Today, the poverty rate for those 65 and older is only 9 percent, compared to 11 percent for adults 19-64. While life expectancy improved by 17 years from 1935 to 2014, the Social Security retirement age has increased by less than two years. But to get reforms moving, Republicans and President Trump need to simply start talking about this crisis now. Reforms can't just be sprung on constituents during a lame-duck session or after 2020. The longer they wait, the worse this crisis gets.

Republicans Want to Spend Ever More on the Military, but the U.S. is Broke

While Americans will sacrifice if America is threatened, they aren’t likely to look kindly at proposals to, say, cut Social Security and Medicare because the Europeans don’t want to cut their social programs in order to hike military outlays.

$944,143,000,000: Soc. Sec. Admin. Spending Hit Record in FY2015

Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News

The $944,143,000,000 spent by the Social Security Administration in fiscal 2015 equaled about $6,345 for each of the 148,800,000 persons in the country with a job as of September. It equaled about $7,749 for each of the 121,839,000 people with a full-time job.

How Dumb Do The “Gruber Republicans” Behind The CRomnibus Think Voters Are?

Rep. Lynn Jenkins (KS-2) and Martha Roby (AL-2) are just plain lying about their votes on the "CRomnibus." But their constituents aren't buying it and conservatives should call them out, along with any other Republican who voted for the "CRomnibus."

Conservatives: Let's Primary Every GOP Boneless Wonder Who Votes For The CRomnibus

Can you imagine a Republican Member of Congress who voted for a standalone bill to give your Social Security money to an illegal alien surviving the next Republican Primary election? Neither can I.

This Is Why Obama’s Amnesty Must Be Defunded NOW

The only way to stop Obama from hiring 1,000 new amnesty bureaucrats is to affirmatively prohibit the President from spending the money to hire them and pay them NOW. Unless GOP members of Congress stand NOW for the Constitution, the rule of law and their own campaign promises they deserve a primary challenge in 2016.

Yes, Obama’s Amnesty Will Raid Social Security and Medicare

Obama's White House staff has admitted that many illegals who will be protected from deportation by Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty plan will be eligible to receive a “wide array” of government benefits, including Social Security and Medicare. The admission verifies that, once again, Americans are being fed a lie by Barack Obama. 

Illegals Eligible for Social Security, Medicare Under Amnesty Plan

Sandy Fitzgerald, Newsmax

Obama's exec. amnesty will make millions of them eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits and likely allow them to eventually collect more than they have legally contributed, reports say.

Obama’s Amnesty Will Loot Social Security To Give Your Money To Illegal Aliens

Social Security and Medicare already consume 41 percent of the federal budget. In fiscal year 2014 the government ran a deficit of $483.35 billion. This means that the United States will be borrowing billions more from the Chinese to pay benefits to illegal aliens who, by their Obama-granted claim on Social Security and Medicare benefits, will also rapidly advance the bankruptcy of the two programs. SIGN and SHARE OUR PETITION TO STOP OBAMA'S EXECUTIVE AMNESTY!

What a Conservative Social Safety Net Would Look Like – Part 3 of 4

In today's article about effective conservative messaging writer Ben Hart takes on the “third rail” of politics – Social Security and Medicare reform. Follow Hart's reasoning through all four segments of the article and tell us what you think.

Social Security and Medicare Deceit

Walter Williams,

The truth is that the burden of both SOcial Security and Medicare taxes is borne by employees. In other words, we pay both the employee and the so-called employer share.

Why Is Obama Scaring Seniors?

Amy Payne, Heritage Foundation Blog

“In a government shutdown, Social Security checks still go out on time,” he said last week. “In an economic shutdown, if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, they don’t go out on time.” This scaremongering is completely unnecessary.

No Silver Bullets For SocSec Crisis

M. MacMillin Slobodien, Human Events

Congress needs to get past its impulse for quick fixes and legislate some real reforms for the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

The Deficit is Still Bad News

Michael Tanner, National Review Online

Liberals have rejoiced at recent favorable budget reports, but our debt is still unsustainable.