Terri Lynn Land

Michigan Dems Dis Security Moms: GOP’s Land Surges

The “Security Mom” is going to be a major force in this election and Michigan's Democratic Senate candidate Congressman Gary Peters and his liberal allies have already shown that they have no respect for women or their most important concerns in this campaign.

About.com Reviews 2014 GOP Senate Candidates

Dustin Hawkins, About.com

Hawkins reviews the 2014 crop of Republican Senate nominees and takes a look at which candidates give conservatives some incentive to help vote in a Republican majority.

Can a Former RNC Elite Turn Michigan Red?

Todd Spangler, Detroit Free Press

Suddenly, Michigan Repub. Terri Lynn Land's campaign in the race to replace retired Dem. Sen. Carl Levin is building steam in a very blue state. So why does it suddenly seem Terri Lynn Land has an edge?