Terry McAuliffe Scandals

Dem McAuliffe Deal Moves Money, Jobs Around

Kenric Ward, Watchdog.org

Dem. Gov. Terry McAuliffe boasts that his admin. has closed a record 228 econ.-development deals since he took office. Instead of creating new jobs, his new agreement will merely shift workers between 2 VA counties while pitting 1 state-subsidized company against another.

VA Gov. McAuliffe Rerouted Funds for Inaugural

David Sherfinski, The Washington Times

The Virginia legislature years ago banned governors from donating excess inauguration funds to political causes, but that hasn’t stopped Gov. Terry McAuliffe from finding a way to route $211,000 from his inaugural fund back to his election campaign and the VA Dem. Party.

McAuliffe Legal Investigations Mar VA

Kenric Ward, Watchdog.org

“Voters should be aware that the two investigations around GreenTech and Gulf Coast may well cripple a McAuliffe administration, as well as the commonwealth’s credibility and ability to move forward,” Virginia state Sen. Tom Garrett said.

Fitzgibbons: Virginia's Election and the Fate of ObamaCare

The key reason Mark J. Fitzgibbons gives for claiming no other election will be as important as the Cuccinelli vs. McAuliffe match-up is not the obvious one -- that Democrat Terry McAuliffe is an ObamaCare supporter -- it is that the Washington establishment wants to paint this election as a referendum on principled conservatism.

TMac Scandals Enough to Sink 10 Candidates

Garth Kant, WND

McAuliffe’s scandals include: 1) Invested $100 and made millions in real estate; 2) Teamsters money-cycling scheme; 3) Buddhist temple fundraiser; 4) Sold face-time with the Clintons; 5) Rented the Lincoln bedroom; 6) Made $18 million on a failed fiber-optics company.

A Must Read for Virginia Catholics: Terry McAuliffe's Anti-Catholic Campaign

Please forward this to your Catholic friends and contacts in Virginia. Terry McAuliffe is running a transparently, viciously anti-Catholic campaign all over television, trashing Ken Cuccinelli as a woman-hating extremist for backing proposals that line up with Catholic church teachings on abortion, contraception, and divorce. 

McAuliffe's Cuba Trade Disaster

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

Terry McAuliffe's '10 trade mission to Cuba was the sort of unplanned disaster--heavy on personal bluster, low on preparation and planning--that is likely to characterize his administrative style as VA governor if he defeats Ken Cuccinelli in next Tuesday's election.

McAuliffe Got Thousands From Swindling Deal

Laura Vozzella, Washington Post

In an annuity deal tied to McAuliffe, 2 investors knew they bet on specific, dying people. A dying mechanic only got $5,000 to leave his wife and kids. Terry McAuliffe, a millionaire, made at least $47,000 off his death. The estate planning lawyer, Joseph Caramadre, went to prison.

McAuliffe Silent on Union Loan

Jim McElhatton, The Washington Times

Terry McAuliffe has promised voters he is committed to transparency, but in the final days of the tied Virginia governor’s race, he refused to explain a complicated financial arrangement involving several family trusts and a union-owned investment company.

Cuccinelli Is By Far Best Choice

Mary Claire Kendall, The Washington Times

If Mr. McAuliffe is elected governor, it’s a good bet Virginia will kiss goodbye Forbes’ recent ranking of the state as the best for business. McAuliffe would rubber-stamp “Obama’s ‘war on coal,’” that would “kill Virginia coal, Virginia jobs.”

Facts Don't Matter to McAuliffe

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, American Thinker

Dem Terry McAuliffe sticks to Obama's playbook with yet another round of lies. In a recent debate, R. challenger Cuccinelli said he didn't want a gov't shutdown, but TMac's fundraising material, supported by the Clintons, states the opposite.

McAuliffe Keeping Questionable Cash

NBC 12 Blog Staff

Dem. Terry McAuliffe has no plans to return a $2,500 donation given to him in 2009 by Jeffrey E. Thompson, a businessman at the center of a controversy involving the mayor of DC.

The Many Scandals of TMac

James Hohmann, Politico

Ken Cuccinelli highlighted McAuliffe’s role in several Clinton-era scandals and called the job-creator rationale for his candidacy “all a lie.”