Trayvon Martin case

Jackson:Stand Your Ground Laws Racist

Patriot Update Staff

A national coalition led by Jesse Jackson Sr. is seeking to have Georgia’s “Stand Your Ground” statute ruled unconstitutional, arguing in a federal lawsuit that the law discriminates against minorities.

White Boy Beaten By Blacks; Sharpton Mute

Todd Starnes, Daily Caller

A white boy was beaten badly by black boys for informing authorities that the boys tried to sell him drugs. Where are Sharpton and Jackson?

Trayvon Fight Club Video Scrubbed

Red Flag News Staff

A video scrubbed by Zimmerman's prosecutor's consultant shows Trayvon fighting in a martial arts club.

O's Leading From Behind Sharpton

Patrick J. Buchanan,

Holder's not going to file charges against Zimmerman. Obama knows he'd be seen as caving to Sharpton.

Obama and The Far Left’s Obsession with Collective Guilt

In Obama’s formulation all of America is guilty of racism any time one American violates the old-time Mother’s rule against judging a book by its cover.

Double Jeopardy and the Zimmerman Trial - Can He Be Tried All Over Again?

Derek Khanna quotes Georgetown Law Professor Randy Barnett on double jeopardy to argue that at the Founding there was thought to be little, if any, overlap between federal and state laws governing individuals. In light of the modern expansion of federal power, Khanna says 'twice put in jeopardy of life or limb' should be interpreted to mean what it says.

Zimmerman Could Be You

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, American Thinker

Individual Americans are now targets at the mercy of a corrupt, lawless federal government.

FL Retains Stand Your Ground Law

Gary Fineout, Associated Press

Scott wants protesters to lobby their local Reps. and provide ideas on ways to combat racial profiling.

America: Hopelessly Racist?

L. Brent Bozzell, III,

Trayvon’s death wasn’t any more newsworthy. Lib journalists and race-hustlers just wanted to sound the wildly inaccurate alarm of ‘racism.’

Buchanan: Obama, Stand Against Zimmerman Threats

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller

"The DOJ is threatening [Zimmerman] with a second trial on the basis of what, a bunch of demonstrations and howls?"

O Plays Both Sides in Trayvon Case

Jacob Sullum, Reason

Obama’s ‘no violence’ call in the Trayvon case doesn’t jive with the DOJ’s looking into re-trying Zimmerman.

Zimmerman’s Prosecutors Should be Jailed

These prosecutors are evil people. They are evil people because they misused the machinery of government to engage in character assassination and smear of an innocent man. This was a malicious prosecution that never should have occurred.

Zimmerman Should've Never Been Tried

Patrick J. Buchanan, Human Events

We've just seen the prosecution of an innocent man for murder because the politically powerful demanded it.

Carson: Obama Harms Race Relations

Grae Stafford, Daily Caller

Dr. Carson criticized Obama for his redistribution ideology as it makes blacks appear to care only about money.

Zimmerman and The Left's Hatred of Colorblind Justice

To those on the far left, such as President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, and their supporters, there must be an outcome in the killing of Trayvon Martin that proves that Americans are racist and atones for America’s alleged history of racism. That means George Zimmerman must be found guilty of something – if not of murder or manslaughter, then depriving Trayvon Martin of his civil rights will do.

DOJ Paid to Incite Racial Ire

Matthew Vadum, American Spectator

DOJ employees are supposed to defuse heated situations but instead rioted over Martin's death.

Buchanan: Zimmerman Trial An Outrage

Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics

The DOJ and Obama interference is bad enough, but now this man hasn't been treated justly.