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Montana Libertarian Rick Breckenridge Drops Out: Endorses GOP’s Matt Rosendale For U.S. Senate

Libertarian Rick Breckenridge withdrew from Montana’s U.S. Senate race on Wednesday and threw his support behind GOP candidate Matt Rosendale. We urge our Libertarian friends in Montana who have not yet voted to join Rick Breckenridge in supporting Republican Matt Rosendale for United States Senate.

GOP Needs More Than a Win – It Needs a Mandate

Jenny Beth Martin, The Hill

Reagan did not win 49 of 50 states in 1984 by laying low.  Republicans did not register historic congressional gains in 1994 and 2010 by keeping quiet.  These landslides were won because conservatives proudly announced their ideas for a better, stronger America.

Rove Burning Money on Worthless Ads in Key States

Dan Riehl, Breitbart

In state after state, Rove-aligned groups and others perhaps taking their lead from them are spending large volumes of ad dollars that may please big corporate donors, but will most likely not resonate with voters.

Poll Shows Pat Roberts Gaining Ground

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

Sen. Pat Roberts has narrowed Greg Orman's lead in the Kansas Senate race according to a new Democratic poll (Public Policy Polling) that shows him consolidating the GOP base. It marks a substantial improvement for Roberts from the last PPP poll, conducted a month ago.

Milton Wolf Should Endorse Pat Roberts for Country

David Catron, American Spectator

If Roberts wins, Wolf will get much of the credit and — more importantly — he will have done his country a signal service by helping to put honest men and women back in control of the Senate.

Tea Party Backing Roberts in Kansas

Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times

Sarah Palin, Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul are all helping to generate conservative support for Sen. Pat Roberts’ re-election campaign and now a national Tea Party group is joining the effort.

2014 Republican U.S. Senate candidates

2014 Republican U.S. Senate candidates.