WIll America Default on its Debts

R's to Unveil Temp Borrowing Increase

Patrick O'Connor, Wall Street Journal

House R's plan to unveil a 6-week debt-ceiling increase Thurs. that doesn’t include additional policy conditions. Journalists say this marks a major breakthrough in the deadlock that resulted in a partial gov't shutdown.

Moody's Says O's Wrong on Default

Jeffrey H. Anderson, The Weekly Standard

Contradicting the Obama administration, Moody's Investors Service says that hitting the debt limit shouldn't be confused with default. Obama said that, unless Congress acts to raise the $16.7 trillion limit by next week, the nation will risk default. Not so, Moody’s says.

TeaParty to Blame for Fiscal Mess?

Patrick J. Buchanan, WND

Since the tea-party folks are newcomers to DC, who brought us to the edge of the fiscal cliff into default? What radical added $6 trillion to our national debt in 5 years? Not the tea party.