Wyoming Senate Race

Outsider Erik Prince Looking At Challenging Establishment Senator John Barrasso

While Erik Prince’s views on the conservative agenda need to be explored further before we can make any kind of endorsement, we do know a lot of things we don’t like about Senator John Barrasso, and first among them is his crony relationship with Mitch McConnell.

Liz Cheney Ends Rocky Sen. Campaign

Neil King Jr., Wall Street Journal

The eldest daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney abandoned her rocky bid for a U.S. Senate seat from Wyoming, according to media reports, citing unspecified health troubles in her family.

Cheney: New GOP Leadership Needed

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller

Former VP Dick Cheney predicts that his daughter, Liz Cheney, will win the Wyoming Senate race, and downplayed his relationship with Mike Enzi. He called for a 'new generation' of leadership and said the RNC should make it a priority.

GOP to Cheney: We Like Mike

Burgess Everett, Politico

Nearly the entire GOP Senate establishment is backing Enzi — moderates, conservatives and the GOP leadership team.

Cheney to Fake a Tea Party Persona?

W. James Antle III, American Conservative

Cheney plans to run as someone who’ll be a more combative conservative than Enzi.

Why Liz Cheney Won't Win

James Hohmann, Politico

She's a carpetbagger and has no voting record. Voters are sick of hawkish neocons and dynasty holders.

RPaul: I'm For Enzi, Not Cheney

Alexander Burns, Politico

Paul backed Enzi saying, "while we aren’t exactly the same, I consider him a good conservative.”