AG William Barr

As Barr mulls declassification, a familiar tune from critics

Byron York, Washington Examiner

In the days before the Nunes memo was declassified, many of the nation's top current and former intelligence officials, members of Congress, and analysts in the press warned that declassification would do grave damage to American national security. It didn't happen. Now, some of the same people are issuing somber warnings of the damage that will be done if Attorney General William Barr declassifies documents showing what else the nation's law enforcement and intelligence agencies did in the 2016 Trump investigation. The problem is, they were wrong then, and they are likely wrong again now.

The Real ‘Bombshells’ Are About to Hit Their Targets

Julie Kelly, American Greatness

The potential Obama administration targets of the inspector general’s probe and their media pals now are spinning hard in preparation of the report’s release. The Horowitz report could do what the Mueller report could not: Find legitimate evidence of conspiracies between political operatives, Russian interests, and top government officials; uncover attempts to obstruct justice as the various investigations into misconduct proceeded; and expose rank corruption at the highest levels of a presidential administration. It just won’t be the presidential administration that Mueller and his colleagues were targeting.

Chick-fil-A And NRA Prove Democrats Can Never Be Trusted With Power

What’s happened to Chick-fil-A and the NRA prove, there remains no protection except the ballot box to curtail the ability of Democrats to shut down arbitrarily whole classes of businesses they deem to be “politically incorrect.”