Media plead ignorance of the 'alt-left'

Eddie Scarry, Washington Examiner

Members of the national media are disputing President Trump's decision to blame the "alt-left" for engaging in acts of violence, and many say there is no such thing even though the term has been used for months. The so-called "alt-right" is a term for a loosely defined nationalist movement. Neither the "alt-right" nor the "alt-left" originated with Trump but people on both sides use both terms.

Between alt-right and ‘antifa,’ media still manages to be worse

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

My experience with drivers of Dodge Chargers is that they are prone to road rage. And high rates of speed. Who knows, maybe it was a pre-conceived, carefully thought out attack aimed at maximum annihilation of Neanderthals. But the “I’m White and I’m Proud Brass Knuckle Draggers” aren’t known for being particularly sharp. But then again, neither are the “Obliterate History Neanderthals” and their self-styled “antifa” moniker. The real question is why the Stupid Media gives these loudmouth malcontents so much free airtime.

Trump to Clinton Alt-Right Attacks: 'Shame on you'

Eliza Collins, USA TODAY

"What does she do when she can’t defend her record?" Trump asked the crowd during a rally in Manchester, N.H. on Thursday afternoon. "She lies, and she smears, and she paints decent Americans — you — as racists.""It’s the oldest play in the Democratic playbook," he added.

Hillary Clinton and Establishment GOP Join Forces Against the Alt-Right

The reason why Brexit resonated and Trump resonated isn’t that people are racists or too stupid to understand the arguments. The reason they resonated is that people have been so screwed by the prevailing order in such deep and fundamental and enduring ways that they can't imagine that anything is worse than preservation of the status quo.

‘Natural Conservatives’ Versus The GOP Establishment

Scott Greer, The Daily Caller

The best illustration of this disagreement is how two recent articles at different conservative publications, Breitbart and the Federalist, treated the prominent social psychologist Jonathan Haidt’s conservative instinct theory.