Andrew Cuomo

New York Owes America an Apology

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

New York is dominated by Democrats, who control twenty-two of the state’s twenty-seven seats in the U.S. House; both of the state’s U.S. senators have been Democrats since 1999, when Al D’Amato left office, and New Yorkers haven’t elected a Republican governor since George Pataki won his third term in 2002. New York is effectively a one-party state, which means that Cuomo and other Democrats are unlikely to pay a political price for their failures, but the rest of the country has been forced to suffer the consequences. New York owes America an apology. We won’t be holding our breath while we wait for it.

No, Gov. Cuomo, New York’s nursing home carnage is your fault

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

It became so obvious that the March 25 order was a fatal blunder that Cuomo effectively rescinded it on May 10. Then, with a quick pivot and a grinding of gears, he shifted into an ­unconscionable hunt for scapegoats. And hasn’t stopped. Some days, there is more than one. Trump is a frequent target, with Cuomo saying recently that the president “makes up facts, he makes up science.” He also accused the president of being in “denial of the problem” and added, “He is facilitating the virus, he is enabling the virus.” If that sounds familiar, it’s because many people say exactly the same things about Cuomo.

Judge Slaps Down de Blasio And Cuomo Restrictions On Religious Liberty

America’s worst mayor, New York’s Bill de Blasio, and America’s most hypocritical governor, New York’s Andrew Cuomo, got a spanking from Judge Gary Sharpe sitting in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York, which recently  granted a group of religious plaintiffs a preliminary injunction enjoining de Blasio, Cuomo and their vile minions from prohibiting certain religious gatherings.

David Franke On Covid-19’s Greatest Tragedy: The Nursing Home Elderly

We were warned by the nation’s first large coronavirus outbreak—the one at that nursing home in Kirkland, Washington. But New York's Andrew Cuomo isn’t the only guilty governor. Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey issued an almost identical order six days after Cuomo, and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has also issued such a directive. All three are liberal Democrats who claim to speak for the disadvantaged—but who is more helpless than these nursing home patients?

Confirmed: 'Some people are making more money by not working.'

While some workers are turning down jobs because they’re worried about getting sick or infecting family members or because they don’t have child care, others are flat-out telling employers they’re making more money safe at home collecting unemployment. Fifteen days to flatten the curve morphed into five months off work at more than your regular pay, to -- if Democrats get their way -- a full year of watching TV on the taxpayers’ tab.

Conservative Leaders: End Perverse Incentives Keeping Workers Home

No matter the dearth of local COVID cases or the establishment’s strict safety precautions, expanded unemployment benefits, including a $600 a week COVID "bonus," have incentivized some employees to refuse to return to work. Now, a group of conservative leaders has penned an open letter to Republicans in Congress and President Trump urging them to fix the policies that encourage workers to stay off the job.

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's careless cruelty shows in coronavirus nursing home policy

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

The core of cruelty defining New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo marches on. As many contend, his policies are responsible for the shocking number of deaths at nursing homes in the state. The policy of requiring coronavirus patients to go from hospital to a nursing home, regardless of whether they still harbored the virus, while forbidding nursing homes from refusing them, was even more perplexing considering Trump and the federal government had sent the hospital ship Comfort to provide additional support and beds, as well as establishing the Javits Center as a massive field hospital with an additional 1,700 beds.

Support Trump 's Plans to Jumpstart the Economy and Get Americans Back to Work

Contrary to what Democrats clearly want – which is to increase the economic damage and misery – President Trump has begun to implement a bold plan of regulatory relief to jumpstart the economy and get Americans back to work. If if your Governor still has your state lockeddown call him or her to demand that the economy of your state be reopened. To send a letter to your Senators and Representative and state elected officials go to and use the "Send Letter" tool.

The Weird Andrew Cuomo Boomlet

Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times

Cuomo has arguably the worst record of any governor in America, and his decade-long tenure as governor has driven the New York economy into a ditch. Democrats seem to love the idea of making America look more like New York, but good luck convincing Middle America of that idea. The drumbeat for a Cuomo candidacy is reminiscent of dreams liberals had of another New York governor becoming president: Mario Cuomo, Andrew's father. That never panned out, but don’t count out the ambitions of the son. If Cuomo does end up crowbarring Biden out of the picture, the happiest guy in the country will be none other than Trump.

Blame governors for the coronavirus deaths in nursing homes

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

We think of ourselves as civilized, but mindless policies and bureaucratic indifference turned many nursing homes and rehabilitation centers into killing fields. The striking contrast between Florida on one hand and New York and New Jersey on the other can be traced largely to policy decisions by their governors. Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey issued almost identical orders in late March requiring nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients being discharged from hospitals. The orders barred the homes from even asking if the patients had the virus, lest they be discriminated against.

The Media Bias Against Florida's Conservative Governor Ron DeSantis

New York has 10 times the coronaviru deaths that Florida has. With the Democrat icon showing so badly the liberal media claims the notion that there is a blue-state and a red-state way of attacking the virus is absurd. We might agree, if the Leftwing media was not giving New York's Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo a pass for his disastrous results while pillorying Florida's conservative Governor Ron DeSantis for his success, not only in saving lives, but getting Floridians back to work.

It Happened in New York

Rich Lowry, National Review

The simplistic shots at President Trump, who indeed should have taken the virus more seriously at the outset, don’t work. He’s the president of New York, but also of other large, international cities that have escaped New York’s fate. Has his leadership been better in those places, or do divergent conditions and local decisions account for the better outcomes? None of this, of course, is to disparage New Yorkers. They have absorbed a gut punch over the past two months with characteristic grit and bravery. Yet, without New York’s distinctive vulnerability, the course of the epidemic would look completely different.

Time to explode the Andrew Cuomo myth

Editors, Washington Examiner

Cuomo has a degree of telegenic New York charm, but are we supposed to ignore that his state has made Italy look like a coronavirus success story? No other governor can claim to have done so badly. Wherever one looks, one finds no place where the government’s response to the virus has been less effective or more counterproductive than Cuomo’s. He is responsible for at least two grave errors in judgment that directly caused thousands of preventable deaths. It’s time for the media to ask what he is doing wrong when nearly everyone else in authority has done so much better. They should come to bury Cuomo, not praise him.

The Strange Case of the Cuomo Brothers

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Andrew Cuomo's record has been as anemic as his press conferences have been robust, resulting in the surreal result that he effectively advertises his shortcomings. The wonder is not that the Cuomo brothers are in the news. Both are the sons of the famous New York governor, one once frequently mentioned as a reluctant presidential candidate, the late Mario Cuomo. The brothers reside in the celebrity capital of the world in New York. They are accustomed to making news. Instead, the mystery is why either frenetic Cuomo is considered especially steady, veracious, or competent, when the truth so obviously belies the legend.

Saint Andrew of Albany

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

Cuomo is not held accountable for the staggering coronavirus death toll in New York. The media weeks ago decided that Trump was wholly responsible for this Chinese disease, a belief to which journalists cling with quasi-religious certainty. Conferring scientific sainthood on Cuomo is integral to the process of demonizing the president and his Republican supporters. If you accept the liberal media narrative, you might almost believe that the health of New Yorkers is threatened by the behavior of GOP-voting anti-science yokels in rural states. To question the stats is heresy to the media cult which worships at the shrine of Saint Andrew of Albany.

Cuomo Blunders Big Tying NY Recovery to CCP Apologists McKinsey

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

It’s interesting that one of the great vulnerabilities Joe Biden has—and Cuomo is beginning to demonstrate—in the coming election is Joe’s, shall we say, over-friendly relationship with the People’s Republic of China. Given Biden’s son’s association with the Bank of China, this can’t be ascribed merely to being addle-brained. The Democrats, in general, are going to have to face up to their relationships with the People’s Republic. (Michael Bloomberg, if he’s really a Democrat, is in deeper than anyone.) Andrew Cuomo’s choice of McKinsey to solve New York State’s economic problems is not going to help. It’s certainly not too late to reconsider.

The #PresidentCuomo fantasy

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The only way any Democrat could seriously hope for Cuomo as their presidential nominee would be a convention in which delegates threw out Biden, and Sanders, and started from scratch. And that would obliterate the fundamental principle of the candidate selection process: The nominee should be selected by the party's voters. More than anything else, the Cuomo boomlet is a reflection of misgivings about Biden. At age 77, he has lost a step. Now, they are seeing him struggle to project any sense of leadership in the crisis. They know the rank-and-file Democrats chose Biden in the primary field, but not necessarily with any great enthusiasm.

Possibility of Cuomo Nomination by Democrats Rising by the Day

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

The likelihood of Donald Trump’s reelection has been rising with public approval of his handling of the CCP virus crisis hovering around 60 percent, a hitherto unheard of number for the controversial president. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, on the other hand, has done particularly poorly, fumbling his “digital front porch campaign” in a drastic manner as detailed in a WSJ editorial. “Not ready for prime time” is only one cliché that seems to fit the rapidly-aging former vice-president. (If we have learned one thing from the virus, it is that nature can be cruel.) You think this hasn’t been noted by the Democratic powers that be?