Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang’s UBI: A Universally Bad Idea

Greg Jones, The American Spectator

Proponents of UBI frequently bite back by citing that conservative pundit royalty, such as Milton Friedman and Charles Murray, have voiced support for the policy, and that even Richard Nixon came dangerously close to advocating for such a system. Nixon and Friedman were human and were deprived of decades of data. Murray is simply misguided, although he is adamant that UBI replace all other forms of assistance, something that, again, Yang’s plan fails to do. It’s easy to see why people like Yang. He’s an enigmatic, interesting figure who largely foregoes the hateful politics of his Democratic colleagues. But that only makes him exponentially more dangerous.

Democrats Debate Issues No One Cares About And Policies No One Wants

Based on the results of recent polls, racist pandering is getting Beto and Mayor Pete exactly nowhere. But lack of measurable impact didn’t drive the candidates away from talking about issues no one cares about and pushing policies no one wants and that was ultimately the overarching theme of last night’s Democrat debate.