Let’s Keep Score

Adam Guillette, President of Accuracy in Media, is keeping score on the worst of the establishment media's lies and fake news. This week he has identified The New York Times, Newsweek and it's reporter Benjamin Fearnow, and Buzzfeed as among the worst outlets for promoting Communist Chinese propaganda, lies and fake news about the Wuhan virus and conservative talk radio host Erik Erickson.

The Deep State Tries To Destroy Donald Trump

The threat exposed by the CNN and BuzzFeed publication of an obviously fake dossier isn't the Russians, it is the self-perpetuating "deep state" right here in America that is desperate to destroy Trump and preserve their own power. 

BuzzFeed Could Be In Legal Trouble For Publishing Trump Doc

Kevin Daley, Daily Caller

Though the prospect of a sitting president bringing a civil suit against a media organization seems far-fetched, Trump aides outside the administration who are implicated in the documents could move forward with their own actions. Michael Cohen, counsel for the Trump Organization and an individual named in the documents, is a likely candidate in this regard.