Chris Cuomo

The Strange Case of the Cuomo Brothers

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Andrew Cuomo's record has been as anemic as his press conferences have been robust, resulting in the surreal result that he effectively advertises his shortcomings. The wonder is not that the Cuomo brothers are in the news. Both are the sons of the famous New York governor, one once frequently mentioned as a reluctant presidential candidate, the late Mario Cuomo. The brothers reside in the celebrity capital of the world in New York. They are accustomed to making news. Instead, the mystery is why either frenetic Cuomo is considered especially steady, veracious, or competent, when the truth so obviously belies the legend.

The Weirdness Of Lefty Tough Guys

One of the truly weird features of the modern Left, especially its major political candidates and media figures, is the propensity to utter physical threats against President Trump, his supporters and others on the Right. The strangest recent example of this testosterone-fueled Leftism was an altercation between CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and a person who approached him and referred to him as “Fredo” Cuomo.