CNN Town Hall

Legislation by Lynch Mob

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

The Democrats, enjoying all the fawning media coverage, can’t resist the instant gratification of calling for gun bans. For the moment they feel like they occupy the moral and political high ground. But it won’t last. Americans don’t want their country turned into a “gun-free zone” in which they entrust their safety to an overweening and incompetent state, one that leaves them as exposed as the students at that Florida school. Nor do they want to be made to feel evil for exercising a constitutional right.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Barack Obama preaching on racism is like the devil lecturing on fire and brimstone

Barack Obama spoke at a memorial service for the slain Dallas police officers on Tuesday, but Donald Trump is the one who has consistently showed support for police. Plus, New polling information disputes #NeverTrump’s assertion that Trump is a certain loser; Bernie Sanders endorses arch enemy Hillary Clinton, Trump not impressed, and, Trump vows to “try” and observe Reagan’s 11th Commandment.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: When does opposing Donald Trump become a moral issue?

Q for #NeverTrump: Are you really willing to effectively extinguish the lives of millions of unborn Americans because your pride prevents you from backing a man like Donald Trump? Plus, Mitt Romney says his family wanted him to run again, but he couldn’t put them through it; Some members of BushWorld’s embrace of Hillary suggests the end of #NeverTrump is near, and, Eric Trump says his dad is really just all about America.