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CAP Leaders: Higher Education Reauthorization Must Treat All Schools & Students Equally

With college campuses becoming increasingly intolerant to ideas and debate, it is more important than ever that federal policy allow diversity of views to flourish. As the HEA moves forward, conservatives urge congressional Republicans to stand firm on principles of equal treatment and fairness for all students, and all schools.

Campus Crusade Against Christianity

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

Sen. Ted Cruz called Yale's policy "transparently discriminatory" and is now investigating, noting that Yale receives lots of federal funding. Yale officials told Cruz that its policy isn't based on excluding a religion or ideology, which is false on its face. The LGBTQ ideology will not abide the expression of a biblical view of sexuality and marriage. It wants the view punished as "hate speech," and it wants to begin blacklisting Christians for advocating their beliefs in public. To the libertine left, opposing "discrimination" means building an imposing border wall with barbed wire around the First Amendment. "Tolerance" demands no less.