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The Foreign Policy Of The First Tea Party Prez

Angelo Codevilla, The Federalist

The first Tea Party president, transcending today’s sterile confrontations between “interventionism” & “isolationism,” between “moralism” & “realism,” would practice a foreign policy as defined by GWashington: to “choose peace or war, as our interest, guided by justice, shall counsel.” 

How A Conservative Insurgent Can Win '16 GOP Nom.

David Corbin and Matt Parks, The Federalist

Treating voters as if they are ‘an enlightened and rational people’ might just produce a Repub. presidential candidate worthy of the name.

Levin On '16: GOP Must Pick Conservative For 1st Time Since Reagan

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Mark Levin said the GOP is "a party in trouble" that must nominate a bold conservative for president in 2016 if they do not want to get walloped yet again.

How Republicans Could Lose in 2016

Justin Haskins, Human Events

Moderates McCain & McConnell are still the most powerful GOP Sen. voices; Congress still doesn’t have the votes to repeal & replace Obamacare; & Obama continues to hold veto power. Unless we rally around a conserv. presidential candidate early, you can start the countdown to failure.

GOP Can Only Win 2016 by Nominating a Real Conservative

Philip Klein, Washington Examiner

Base voters need a candidate they can implicitly trust. A candidate who is constantly having to prove something to the base, from the declaration of candidacy to the waning hours of Election Day, is guaranteed to lose.

It’s Time to Draft Ted Cruz for President

Raz Shafer, Red State

When Repubs. run for the White House as conservatives, we win. When they run as moderates, we lose. Yet every four years, the party bosses and political consultants tell us that conservatives are unelectable and that we must support their big-government candidates.

Santorum Heavily Hints at 2016 Run

Brendan Bordelon, Daily Caller

Santorum was recently asked whether the former senator’s upcoming trips to IA and NH mean he will be again running for president. “I want to stay involved in the mix,” he said. “I’m certainly concerned about this election upcoming, and have left my options on the table for 2016."

Matthews: RPaul Will Be GOP '16 Pick

Becket Adams, The Blaze

“I predict the hard right is gonna take over the Republican Party in 2016 and the nomination is going to Rand Paul,” said lib. Chris Matthews.