conservatives oppose Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Calls For ‘New Leadership’ And ‘Conservative Principles’

Alex Pappas, The Daily Caller

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is calling for “new leadership that takes conservative principles and applies them so that people can rise up” as he enters the presidential race Monday.

Jeb Bush: Will his official White House bid boost a lackluster campaign?

Brad Knickerbocker, Christian Science Monitor

'To be successful I’m going to have to show my heart and tell my story,' he says. But as AP’s Steve Peoples and Julie Bykowicz put it: “He has failed to scare any potential rival from the race, except perhaps 2012 nominee Mitt Romney. He is unpopular among some of his party's most passionate voters and little known beyond his home state despite the Bush name.”

Jeb Bush: 'I'm kind of introverted'


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush tells CNN's Dana Bash that he expects to make "slow, steady progress" in pulling ahead of crowded GOP field after he makes his candidacy official.

Jeb Bush Poised to Formally Join 2016 Campaign

Phillip Elliott, Time

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was supposed to assemble the strongest roster of aides and donors, spooking would-be rivals for the Republicans’ Presidential nomination from the race. His political machine was expected to have $100 million on the first day as a declared candidate. None of that has happened.

How Jeb Bush’s campaign ran off course before it even began

Ed O'Keefe and Robert Costa, The Washington Post

An overly optimistic, even haughty exploratory operation disjointed in message and approach, torn between factions and more haphazard than it appeared on the surface. Bush’s first six months as an all-but-declared candidate have been defined by a series of miscalculations, leaving his standing considerably diminished ahead of his formal entry into the race on Monday.

Jeb Bush sets June 15 announcement date

David Jackson, USA Today

Jeb Bush will announce his presidential campaign plans on June 15 at an event in South Florida, his committee announced today. The scheduling of the June 15 date comes after critics have spent weeks accusing Bush of skirting campaign laws by maintaining an “exploratory” campaign committee even as he spoke openly of what he would do as president.

Jeb Bush Supported A CFR Inspired Path To “Permanent Residence And Citizenship”

Andrew Kaczynski and Ilan Ben-Meir, BuzzFeed

Bush co-chaired a Council on Foreign Relations task force that recommended a slate of policies on immigration to then Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, including a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

Jeb Bush Re-Writes the History of the Iraq War

Joseph A. Palermo, Huffington Post

Liberal professor Joseph A. Palermo says Jeb and Co. claim that everything was fine in Iraq until Obama failed to keep George W.'s ill-conceived war of aggression running on full throttle. They pretend the 2007 "surge" in Iraq of about 10,000 American soldiers had all but "won" the war and the rise of ISIL/ISIS is Obama's fault. They skip over the pesky fact that it was George W. who negotiated the U.S. troop withdrawal with the Nouri al Maliki regime. (Bush announced the deal at a memorable press conference with Maliki when an Iraqi journalist hurled his shoes at the Leader of the Free World.)

Bush, Christie, Trump top ‘can’t support’ lists in early primary states

Seth McLaughlin - The Washington Times

Jeb Bush may be running at the top of the GOP presidential preference polls nationally, but the former Florida governor is also near the top of another survey: the can’t-support list. The former Florida governor, along with current New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and businessman Donald Trump, all have their admirers, but in some cases they have even more detractors — voters who say, no matter what, they’ll never be able to support that candidate in a primary.

Jeb Bush won't attend the Iowa straw poll

The Week

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) has announced that he will attend a Republican primary event sponsored by conservative website RedState rather than this year's Iowa straw poll. The influential poll, sponsored by the state party, allows Iowa Republicans to express support for GOP presidential candidates before the actual caucuses take place.

A.B. Stoddard: Jeb Bush All Money No Mojo

A.B. Stoddard, The Hill

Four months into the 2016 presidential campaign, Jeb Bush has all the money and none of the mojo. Despite the financial juggernaut the former Florida governor has built — Bush said this week he had raised more than anyone else has at this point in a presidential campaign in history — he is failing to excite crowds, dominate polls or scare away competitors. Bush comes in second or third in most polls, and when he has ranked first it hasn’t been by much. 

The GOP Needs to Run against the Last 16 Years

Charles C.W. Cooke, National Review

If the Right is looking for something to push against — and if its candidates are seeking an anxiety that it can promise to fix — it should be that general sense of malaise. Simply promising to replace Barack Obama is not going to cut it. There are Republican candidates who can do this and there are candidates who cannot, and, worryingly for the GOP, the primary among those “cannots” is the front-runner. Sure, Jeb Bush is an impressive man. But to nominate him at this moment would be to push Republicans in the wrong direction and to force them into doing something that they should really not want to do: namely, re-litigating – and perhaps even defending – the political decisions that were made between 2000 and 2008. 

Why Does Jeb Bush Want to Raise Your Taxes?

Ryan Ellis, Forbes

The 2016 presidential race is barely underway, and one of the early controversies surrounds former Florida governor Jeb Bush’s refusal to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. "The Pledge” is a commitment made–in writing–to the American people that, if the signer is elected president, he won’t support any net tax increase, and there's no "read my lips" provision in it.

What Jeb Bush Says In English vs What He Says In Spanish

Ed O'Keefe, The Washington Post

The WaPo now has a reporter keeping tabs on what the former Florida governor says in English and Spanish on the campaign trail and in interviews with Spanish-language news outlets. Bush gave slightly different answers to the same question. 

GOP can’t have ‘another name from the past’

David Sherfinski, The Washington Times

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told Iowans Monday night that if the GOP is going to take on a “name from the past” in 2016 in former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, they can’t offer up the same — reiterating what could become a standard line of attack for some 2016 Republican hopefuls.

The Conventional Wisdom About Jeb Bush May Be Wrong

Jared Bernstein, The Washington Post

Joe Biden's former chief economist boosts a Jeb Bush presidential run.