DC swamp

Move the FBI Out of Washington in Order to Save It

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Moving the FBI out of Washington is a good place to start reforming it. In fact, it is necessary—and as far away as practicable would be best, like Utah or Wyoming. This would put bureau agents and their leadership out of day-to day, face-to-face contact with, and possible coercion by, congressional and executive branch politicians, their staffs, the leaders of the political parties, the myriad K Street lobbyists, and the national media. It won’t be perfect, but some degree of separation would be established. This would define the FBI as an organization, far away from the Beltway swim and expected to be rigidly non-partisan.

The Post’s latest liberal news from the swamp

Robert Knight, Washington Times

The Post railed against Republicans this past Thursday for trimming the IRS’ budget. “The agency’s audit rate has plummeted,” The Post thundered from its prime spot in the belly of the swamp. “If you pay your taxes, on time and in good faith, you should be outraged.” Or relieved, depending on your point of view. The Post also ran a column the same day by a self-described Republican woman who penned, “How Democrats can attract Republican voters.” Between the call for a more powerful IRS, the political advice to Democrats from the “Republican” woman, and the ode to one of the most vicious murderers of our time, The Post lived up to its front-page motto: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Mitt Romney's grasp at anonymity: 'Pierre Delecto' is a passenger on the swamp express

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

This is another crime that Mr. Trump has committed for which the Pierres of the world hate him — being able to be himself and to own it; to have enough regard for the American people that he’s honest with them; to be exactly the same person in a general election as he is during a primary season. This is very bad news for people like Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Joe Biden and so many others in the rotted establishment. In the meantime, Mr. Romney is losing Utah, where a new UtahPolicy.com poll shows his approval rating is now underwater. The Romney First strategy isn’t going over very well among Republicans and conservatives.

Don’t Let the Swamp Win: President Trump & Congress Must Restrain Spending in Upcoming Budget Deal

As Congress and the White House continue to negotiate a deal on spending caps, 76 leaders of the conservative movement involved in the Conservative Action Project have released a memo urging all parties involved to restrain spending.

Brian Lamb Retires: How C-SPAN Started the Revolution Against TV’s Liberal Gatekeepers

By Richard A Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
Brian Lamb’s idea that, “We’re better off listening to everyone, no matter what they say, rather than us being the gatekeeper,” looks even more revolutionary today, in the era of social media censorship of conservatives, than it did in 1979 when he started C-SPAN.

Judicial Watch Exposes The Cost Of Air Pelosi

Judicial Watch uncovered that Speaker Pelosi’s military travel previously cost the United States Air Force $2,100,744.59 over one two-year period — $101,429.14 of which was for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol.

Mandatory Pay To Not Do Imaginary Government Work

The partial government shutdown has highlighted that we have a border crisis and a spending and debt crisis that are the creation of politicians of both parties in Congress who are living in imaginary worlds where neither a spending crisis, nor a border crisis exist.

Maybe we could use a civic Hippocratic oath

Victor Davis Hanson, Washington Times

How does a society create a civic culture in which we do not embrace words and deeds that are incendiary or cruel or both, and thereby erode the traditions and manners that prior generations have bequeathed? Why not try a voluntary code of civic conduct — something akin to the medical profession’s ancient Greek Hippocratic oath — that celebrities, politicians, journalists and other public figures might seek to honor? Many of our best-known journalists, politicians and celebrities do not follow those simple rules. If they did, the now-discredited mainstream media, the Washington swamp and the Hollywood elite might regain a little of the credibility and self-respect they have lost.

Who Do You Trust To Keep Their Campaign Promises?

When voters were asked "who do you trust to fulfill their campaign promises?" President Trump topped all comers with 31 percent saying they trusted him to keep his campaign promises, but the Capitol Hill GOP came in dead last at only 6 percent.

No Surprise Poll: Majority of Americans Associate DC Swamp With GOP Leadership

55% of voters and 66% of Republicans are concerned about the Swamp, but nearly half (46%) of Americans think the GOP leadership is supporting it. More worrying for the GOP's midterm prospects, 45% of voters who reside in states Trump won in the 2016 presidential election believe the GOP leadership supports the Swamp.

Adam Kinzinger: Empty Suit For Congress

Incumbent Congressman Adam Kinzinger is a prime example of what is wrong in Washington DC’s Republican establishment; out of touch, arrogant and thoroughly corrupted by DC’s insider lobbyist culture. We urge our friends in Illinois’ 16th District to vote for James Marter for Congress.

Our New Secessionists

Roger Kimball, American Greatness

The swamp that Trump promised to drain is deep, malodorous, and self-regenerating. His new civil service initiative promises to plunge a gigantic catheter into the spongy center of the swamp in order to sluice away some of the accumulated detritus that has gathered there in fetid profusion. The deep state has declared war on Donald Trump and a united America. Those of us hoping to make America great again should repay the favor and help the president wage war against the enemies of our excellence.

The Uniparty Defeats Roy Moore And Trump Agenda

The game here isn’t electing Republicans – it is “crushing” conservatives and Tea Partiers. What the Uniparty is interested in is maintaining their own power and a Roy Moore victory would have been a serious impediment to their power, but Doug Jones is merely another Democrat to cut a deal with.

Alabama: Send Them A Message On Tuesday

For those of our friends in Alabama who may still have some qualms about Judge Moore – even though the allegations against him have been shown to be a tissue of lies and forgeries – we urge a hard look at the issues and where Judge Moore stands versus his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones.

Trump Endorses Judge Roy Moore – RNC To Back Moore Campaign

President Trump tweeted on Monday, “We need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more" before he formally endorsed Judge Moore during a telephone call.

McConnell Caves To Conservatives Stops Opposing Judge Moore

In a stunning reversal of his anti-constitutional attempt to be the one who decides who does and does not get to serve in the United States Senate, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has reversed his call for conservative Judge Roy Moore to step aside.

Kasich Republican Lee Busby Tries To Derail Judge Roy Moore

Alabama Senate write-in candidate Lee Busby says he's a John Kasich Republican -- meaning he's for amnesty for illegal aliens, same-sex marriage and opposes building the wall on our southern border?