Democrat House

Trump Threatens Veto Of Democrat Internet Takeover Bill

We are pleased to learn that President Trump’s administration opposes the Democrats' H.R. 1644 and we hope that the White House statement is indicative of more engagement on the current challenges to maintaining an open internet communications market.

Trump is prepping for all-out political war

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

While our nation’s political battles are hardly as dramatic as the fight with Nazi Germany and Japan, a storm is gathering in America and 2019 is shaping up as an extremely turbulent year. Trump is under siege and girding for a political, legal and public-relations war. Though the conflict began the day he took office, the last two years have been skirmishes compared to the climactic battles ahead. It's been a remarkable two years, but on most days Trump's accomplishments are eclipsed by the political war. And the worst is yet to come.

Get Cynical, Get Angry, And Stay Free

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

What is rewarded is repeated. These antics are no fluke; it’s part of a plan. They have exported the Chicago model across the country to all the Democrat strongholds in the sea of red that is America. They wait until the returns come in and, if it’s close enough to be plausible, they go into ballot creation mode and – surprise! – votes mysteriously appear and good golly if they don’t always every single time inevitably happen to total just enough to push the moribund liberal over the finish line. Count every vote, especially the ones they invent. Count those twice.

For Trump, challenge of governing with Dem House, but full speed ahead with GOP Senate

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Look for Trump to pursue an even more Senate-focused strategy. A continued string of judicial confirmations, coupled with executive actions that do not require congressional approval, could give the president more accomplishments even if he cannot pass legislation. Still, Trump cannot ignore the House, and certainly not a House that plans to bury him in subpoenas and might possibly try to impeach him. Other presidents, like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, have faced first midterm losses and gone on to win re-election. If Trump can keep the nominations machine going, and skillfully manage his relations with the Democratic House, there's a chance he can do it, too.