NBC News’ Attempt to Demonetize the Federalist is Illiberal Insanity

David Harsanyi, National Review

The Federalist's content falls well within normal parameters of political discourse. Once upon a time, news outlets fought to protect the ideals of free expression. Now, they assign activists masquerading as journalists, and boost Orwellian-sounding outfits (what is the “NBC News Verification Unit”?), to smear and censor those who criticize them. Where are all the other journalists banding together to defend the ideals of free expression and the First Amendment? So far, nowhere. The Left’s illiberal impulse to quash opinions it dislikes is getting brazen — and dangerous. And it won’t stop here.

We Stand With Tucker Carlson: Never Bow To Leftist Attempts At Censorship

Tucker Carlson is absolutely right, what the Left’s outrage machine is about is power, and controlling what you see, hear and eventually what you think. And the only way to keep that power from them is to never bow to them.