Trump's India statecraft is forward-thinking and necessary

Editors, Washington Examiner

In India, Trump offered a bright vision of future friendship between the world's most powerful and its most populous democracies. Unfortunately, there is still no U.S.-India trade deal, but that could be a good thing if, as the president suggests, this is because the two sides are working on a bigger deal than expected. This is a relationship that is important we get right, so patience is in order. But, ultimately, this trip hinted at the possibilities of a very bright future. If India and the U.S. can form a common bond built on the rule of law, national sovereignty, and democracy, they will be that much more prosperous and safe. This presidential tale is not defined by tweets but by true statesmanship.

Trump Eyes Wide Open On North Korea

President Trump seems to share President Reagan’s genuine horror at the thought of nuclear war, a deeply held belief that drove Reagan to engage Soviet Premier Gorbachev in both diplomatic negotiations to reduce nuclear weapons and a strategic competition that eventually brought down the Soviet Union.

Jaw-Jaw Versus War-War: Negotiating a Way Out of the North Korea Impasse

Today Washington policymakers are fixated on negotiations with Iran. While the ultimate success of negotiations remain in doubt, a more stable peace at least appears possible. Not so on the Korean peninsula.