Evan McMullin

Admit It: Donald Trump Is Exceeding Your Expectations

Melissa Mackenzie, The American Spectator

All in all, the first 90 days have exceeded modest expectations. That’s better than destroying them and crushing dreams. It’s okay to admit it unless your name is Evan McMullin. Everyone else, though, can take a moment and admit that President Donald Trump is better than imagined and might even turn out to be a decent president.

NeverTrumpers Redeemable or Irrelevant?

It appears to us the #NeverTrump cabal had two kinds of members; those who honestly could not bring themselves to support Donald Trump because of his past personal conduct, and those who are actually closer to Hillary Clinton ideologically and opposed Donald Trump because they support amnesty for illegal aliens, open borders, Big Government, a no-win foreign policy or are wilfully blind to the Islamist threat. 

Please tell us what you think: Who among the #NeverTrumpers are Redeemable and who are now Irrelevent?


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Trump holds lead in new Utah poll as McMullin surge stalls

Theodore Schleifer, CNN

Evan McMullin sits a full 13 points behind Donald Trump in the surprising 2016 battleground of Utah, according to a new poll. Utah voters who identify as Republicans back Trump over McMullin 56% to 34%, according to the poll. McMullin is not even leading among Mormons in the survey: Trump edges him out 43% to 37%.

The McMullin Fantasy and the 12th Amendment

Editors, Washington Examiner

A victory in Utah won't make McMullin president. If it accomplishes anything, it will be to encourage both parties to reflect about the processes that gave us the two most unpopular presidential nominees in modern history.

"Come Home" to Trump, Pence Will Tell Utahans

Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

It will now fall to Pence, who built his political career as a respected voice among religious conservatives, to make that case to Utahans. His message, an aide said, will appeal not only to pragmatism, but also to values, “to remind people that our opponent and her campaign have expressed disdain for Catholics and have disrespected evangelical Christians.”