Gary Johnson

Hail Hillary: Is There A Clinton Progressive Police State In America's Future?

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
In my new online series and companion booklet on the 2016 election conservative leaders weigh in to explain the threat the election of Hillary Clinton would pose to constitutional liberty, traditional American values and the conservative worldview, and why they plan to vote for Donald Trump.

Hillary's Hidden Burden

John Fund, National Review

If Hillary Clinton loses in November, two reasons will be Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and Green-party nominee Jill Stein. Almost every national polls shows Hillary doing worse when the two third-party candidates are added to the mix. Even Johnson, perhaps because he is emphasizing his “social tolerance” more than his “fiscal conservatism,” is hurting Hillary more than he’s harming Donald Trump.

Who’s the Libertarian Now?

Justin Raimondo, The American Conservative

With a Clintonian corporatist on the left and a populist nationalist on the right, the Libertarians clearly had an unusual opportunity. Instead, they nominated Gary Johnson again, a former Republican governor of New Mexico and erstwhile marijuana entrepreneur. Johnson’s ideological compass is erratic, at best.

Gary Johnson Says The Threat Of Radical Islam Is ‘Overblown’

Alex Pfeiffer, Daily Caller

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson thinks the threat of radical Islam is “overblown,” and refused to draw lines in the sand about how to respond to a nuclear Iran during a visit Tuesday to The Daily Caller.