GOP nomination

Trump assumes GOP mantle with Indiana win

Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

Until recently, it seemed possible, if not likely, that Cruz would keep Trump short of the requisite number of delegates, forcing a scramble for support at an open convention. But a sense of inevitability began to build within the past few weeks for Trump, as he dominated in New York’s primary and then in contests throughout the Northeast.

Time for Trump to Stop Whining and Mount a Ground Game

We believe, as do Rush Limbaugh and many other conservative commentators, that while the Colorado rules may have been convoluted, Trump wasn’t cheated – the establishment always makes the rules and Trump just plain got out-hustled because he and his people didn’t understand them, and the Cruz team did.

Cruz Surges in Florida While Rubio Loses His Way

As a former supporter of Marco Rubio, I appeal to my fellow Floridians: It's time to join arms with Ted Cruz. A strong finish in the Sunshine State increases the speed at which Cruz will to overtake Trump nationally, and thus secure the gold medal for conservative principles and for a better America.