government regulation

Social Media Companies the Most Dangerous Monopolies Ever

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Legislation could be passed forbidding social media from keeping anybody out, censoring anybody, excepting a very few people such as child pornographers, already against the law. Yes, I know these are private companies entitled to do anything they wish, but a line has been crossed that few ever anticipated. These entities have become the primary arenas of free expression in the world. They can exercise more control than any government. This cannot and should not be allowed to continue.

The internet under siege

Stephen Moore, Washington Times

Washington loves to talk about the “infrastructure crisis.” Building out this is one area of vital internet infrastructure investment won’t cost a dime of taxpayer money. It will provide our schools, families and businesses almost unlimited access to volumes of information, entertainment and data that all of the supercomputers of the world in the 1970s couldn’t offer even at a cost of billions of dollars. Now it will be available to Americans for pennies. All we need for this information-rich future is to have the government get out of the way. Is that really so hard?

Facebook's rallying cry: Billionaires to the barricades

Editors, Washington Examiner

The single biggest problem with Facebook, from a consumer perspective, is its sheer market power. Users who want more privacy don’t have anywhere else to go. Regulations that keep out competitors and thus cement Facebook’s position would be counterproductive. Zuckerberg surely knows this. He remembers former titans of tech, such as Netscape and MySpace. He knows how fickle the market is. So, he is seeking safety today, behind the barricade of big government.

Why “Working Guys” Get The Trump Economic Message

Trump’s economic message was largely overshadowed by his (accurate) comments that Obama and Hillary Clinton created ISIS, but with 94 million Americans out of the workforce it is by far his most powerful weapon in the battle for the White House.