Grading the Governors on Economic Response to Covid-19

Stephen Moore, CNS News

Saving lives must remain the highest priority for governors. Still, the blue Northeastern and Midwestern states that are still in economic paralysis need to worry about avoiding a depression scenario. By continuing a lockdown, those states risk high and prolonged levels of unemployment, a surge in the rates of child poverty and economic deprivation, trillions of dollars of reduced wealth and household savings, and millions of small-business failures—with all of the human misery that is associated with them. For a robust national recovery, we also need California, Illinois and New York to get up and running, now.

The Top Ten Most Popular Governors in the U.S. Are All Republicans

Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media

If all the feasible unpopular governors lose to the opposing party next year, Democrats would win six seats but lose four, for a net gain of two. If Democrats hold on to Virginia and take New Jersey, that takes them up to three, and if Rauner fails to hold his own in Illinois, that would be four. Right now, Republicans hold 33 governorships to the Democrats' 16. If the Morning Consult poll is accurate and the Democrats pick up this maximum suggestion, they would have 20 governorships, and Republicans would still hold 29.

Governors Bash DC Republicans

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Many Repub. governors are disgusted by GOP lawmakers in Congress post-gov't-shutdown. They declared that if anything good is to happen in politics, it will be done by Repub. governors, and not Cap. Hill politicians.